Buck Balance Suggestion

  • I want to suggest adjusting Stomping Ground or his ultimate:

    Increase the scale of Stomping groundfrom 15%/15% to 20%/20%

    Since it only procs on kills I see no reason why the scaling is up to 75%. With this adjustment players can use less points for an efficient reset High risk-High reward

    Adjust Stomping Ground and give him an additional Elimination card like Evie (controversial)

    My second idea regarding his cards is adjusting Stomping ground to only affect his Heroic Leap and to increase its scale to 20%/20% this would require it to get swapped with one of Bucks Heroic Leap cards. I am not quite sure which one. My only idea is the cooldown reduction card for Heroic leap to go and give like 1 second off with BH as compensation. This would mean to swap Stomping ground to replace Seismic Wave. On Stomping Ground's spot I would suggest a 50% elimination cdr card like Evie has. Buck is one of the flanks who does not have alot of mobility and gets outpoked easily by other DPS champions including Flanks. He is only effective at close range. Again the bigger scale on stomping ground would allow players to put less cards into it and still having an effective cdr for snowballs. Mobility is one of the last things being too strong on Buck.

    Adjusting his ult to give CDR

    This generally is something which I would love to see on Buck despite the changes above. To make him reset his cooldown with kills during the ultimate. His ultimate generally is not that great. Kills if one of the changes above would be considered as good. Elimination if none of the suggestions above are acceptable.

    If anyone has any other suggestions regarding Buck feel free since I do not believe Buck is fine as he is as Evil Mojo has stated. He needs some love even if it is just a small Buff.

  • @ZeNoVaSioN-0 said in Buck Balance Suggestion:

    If anyone has any other suggestions regarding Buck feel free since I do not believe Buck is fine as he is as Evil Mojo has stated.

    Well Buck is the least popular flank and one of the least popular champions. So he is hardly "fine", but Evil Mojo wants Buck and Ruckus to be weak and be played as little as possible.

  • PC

    My suggestions:

    • Increase his base speed.

    • His body is so large as a flank(and a monk), so make his body smaller.

    • increase the shotgun’s fire rate from 1 second to 0.8.

    • Decrease the shotgun’s range, but increase damage from 700 to 850.

  • PC

    What I think Buck needs:

    • Either a smaller hurtbox or more health. With his current hurtbox size, I'd say it should be at least 2600 maximum.

    • Shotgun needs to fire and reload a little faster. I suggest a .8 fire rate and a total reload time of about 1.3 seconds.

    • Reduce the cooldown on Leap by a second or two.

    • Take the max health gain from Bulk Up and give it the DR back.

  • @ZeNoVaSioN-0
    As someone that likes the mobility and play style of other flanks, I believe Buck should:

    • Change his cooldown reduction card from kills to eliminations

    • Reduce his maximum shotgun damage but reduce the damage fall-off

    • Make recovery give an initial burst of healing and able to be cancelled
      OR Make recovery's duration last a second and buff his loadout cards around recovery.

    • Give Buck the extra health from Bulk-Up in his main kit

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    This will be hard to see so many great ideas for Buck being ignored on next patch.

    Edit: ... again.

  • PC

    Thats too bad [VVGT]

  • PC

    would be good if he had a jump reset on kill (card or not idc) the 75% cdr should be on elim and not kills to match other champs
    he has a shotgun, so can that shotgun actually deal more than 200 on a direct shot at close range? I understand there is a spread but his damage feels random af, I sometimes will hit 600 from miles away but only 200 1 meter away, no logic here, also how can you headshot with a shotgun xD like at least a part of the spread won't hit the head, but it'll deal always 1050? again a logical problem

    bulk up is one of the worst ability in the game, you can't use it in a fight cause you'll take more damage than you healed, and outside a fight well you can just wait a heal or something so yeah useless ability, changing it to burst heal would be good

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