Real talk about a Surrender option;

  • I know people hate the idea and someone always gonna say it makes no sense, BUT... just but... wouldn't make sense have a surrender vote option at least in casual when a team have at minimum 2 bots? Now calm down, put aside the 9yo part of brain and bare with me. People will say that it's a bad idea because some people have bad connection and they might come back (we all know they never do) and this and that... ok, i fully understand that, but i think everyone already had a match where people just rage quit and make another ones do the same. We can report them, yeah that's a thing but no one, literally no one wants to play with 2 or 3 bots on the team, even if the bots are on the opposite team, it just damages the game image and since hi-rez can't figure out how to make the bots at least not horrible and complete useless, we shouldn't be forced to play like this. I don't know mate, just don't put the surrender vote option in ranked, whatever keep messing people's TP for nothing what we gonna do... but at least in causal we should have some kind of mechanism to deal with this. And i know for a fact that a huge percentage of players would love the idea they just don't say it.

    PS: Don't ask me how to deal with troll parties that may or may not exploit the thing to troll, i'm here just to contribute with an idea, and again the vote would be only if the team has at least 2 bots, what makes total sense imo, idk put a time counter and if the people don't log in again in the time, just allow the surrender vote, i'm pretty sure the opposite will understand. And forgive my honesty, seriously... if you like to win games and is having fun when the other team has bots, you're just part of the problem, and is a problem that affects everyone, even you my friend.

    Cheers everyone.

  • At casual the matches with bots should simply be filled up with people in the queue.

  • An option to surrender a match will end up upsetting players who want to complete nightly and personal goals, along with upsetting people who are tired of long waits and only want to play a few matches for a couple of uninterrupted hours.

    Surrendering is a selfish act, without considering the feelings of players on both teams. If anyone wants out, simply quit and accept the fallout.

  • PC

    Surrender options aren't really a good idea for Paladins matches that are really too short anyways to justify the concept. Yes, it is good to not have to deal with prolonged matches you know won't go well, but the fact of the matter is they're so few and far between... Most bad matches are over very quickly anyways.

    @Conrad_Max Exactly.

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