Champion Concept: Yurein - The Whisperer / Necromancer

  • Yurein is a spellcaster ghost that appear corporeal and incorporeal to fear his enemies and keep his allies' lifes. He was once a gravedigger before dead.Yurein as support is more focus in reviving allies. But if he is killed, his reviving ability is punished, so focusing him worth it.

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    Primary Fire:
    Book of the Dead: Spawn a delayed blast at a targeted location every 1.2s that deal 600 damage. The blast leaves behind a spectral skeleton's hand which last for 1s and deal 100dmg every 0.5s until desappear.
    -Can only target wall or ground, but It is a cylinder, 10ft long and 3ft width, hitbox.
    -Delay: 0.5s. -Reload: 1.5s. -Ammo: 8.-Max. Distance: 50ft.

    Ghost Crow: Loose a ghosty crow that follows an ally. It heals nearby allies by 350 every 1s. If an enemy damage the target ally, that enemy will receive 150 damage every 1s by your crow.
    -You can change your targeted ally anytime.-The crow has a very high movement speed.
    -The crow will stay in the field until Yurein die, but 4s after releasing it, its movement speed will be decrease drastically. Anyway, this ability has a 7s CD and when it is activated increase back the high speed.

    2nd Ability:
    Incorporeal: After 1.5s delay, Yurein becomes untargetable for 2.5s being able to travel through walls and slows nearby enemies by 25%.
    -15s Cooldown.
    -Ghost crow can be still redirectionated.
    -Attacking cancels this ability. Souls cannot be collect while incorporeal.

    1st Ability:
    Awakening: Yurein can collect up to 3 souls from eliminations. Two souls are needed to resurrect an ally or Yurein himself (with 1500 health).
    Anytime you die by an enemy, you will lose 1 soul, but in this case, you would be able to keep alive for 2.5 more extra seconds in your incorporeal form, but you become stationaty.
    -30 seconds Cooldown.
    -Casting time 1.5.
    -Souls are dropped, last for 10s and they come to you at 40ft or less.
    -The resurrected champion becomes an orb during the casting time and he can move while in this state.
    -If you enter incorporeal by this ability, you can use Q to self-revive, but can't use it on ally. You can also attack or use your Crow. Once the 2.5s ends, you will actually die.
    -Notice that Yurein actually need 3 souls in order to resurrect himself.

    Ultimate Ability:
    Call of the doomed: If allies within 150ft would die, they will become a soul instead and move toward Yurein's location. Also, the ally who has your crow deals more damage base on misssing health.
    -Last for 5s
    alt text

  • Resurrecting is kind of broken. The only reason it works on Terminus is because it is only himself he can revive, it is a slow charging Ultimate, and it leaves him open for quite a bit to be counterattacked.

    I overall can't get a good feeling for what this Champion does, aside from punish people for being good at the game. Terminus (again, yeah yeah I know) also is a very punish-focused Champion, but he punishes people for being bad at the game. Maybe it could help if you explained what your goal was in making this?

  • @PWNDotcom Well, thats why this champ has to get eliminations and then take the risk of walking to pick up the souls. He can be killed when doing that, not all the enemy will die next to him. And when he is killed he lost 1 soul so I dont think is is going to be a big deal since the opposite team can control him.

    Everything can be balanced, nothing is broken. And Paladins need new mecanic, every champ has a unique mecanic, that why I offer this champ.

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