Cancer champions

  • I wanna see what you thing about cancer champions!
    Say his name in comment and why he's cancer for you
    For me i hate
    Dredge ( with i sometimes play ) He has so big dmg with without any skill needed. Glad they reworked his ult

    Moji deals too much dps only pressing M1 and M2, using sometimes shield. Cool that her ult is easy to lost

    Vivian 70 ammo, infinite ult until death and shield, I like her drones tho

    Wilo too much dmg

    Meave ( as pro cancer. I mean that pro can carry whole match. She's cool to play tho

    As you can see i have many cancer heros that i dont like. Im kinda noob tho

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    I don't consider any champions really cancerous per say, but damn a Koa that can consistently land his hooks on you is really, REALLY hard to play against, even with counters.

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    Torvald isn't on this list? 😂

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    @Borvik said in Cancer champions:

    Torvald isn't on this list? 😂

    Considering the others on this list (some of them really made me chuckle) I consider myself surprised Torvald WASN'T on the OP's list. 😆

  • @Borvik sorry but i NEVER saw a torvald that could kill / hurt me
    I know where i can dodge torvald life sucker.
    Never get angry at him.
    He's a good Thanos

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    @Radioxyss Yeah Torvald really isn't supposed to hurt you lol

  • @Borvik I know but i mean that he never did something bad to me
    He only was able to cancel my abilities
    but even that sometimes helps me -_-

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    @Radioxyss The point is that he's a bubble bot who gives damage amps 🙃

  • @Borvik its not that strong to make torvald cancer champion d:

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    @Radioxyss Then you haven't played against enough Torvalds.

  • The only "cancer" are players who don't understand that this is a team based game and if we want more consistant wins we must know our roles, communicate more, strategize and learn to work together in spite of our differing play styles and language barriers.

    We can have the most powerful characters in the game, but that may not help us when we face teams with the qualities listed above.

  • @Borvik that's right!

  • @Conrad_Max yep, but i have to admit that in this weeks i had such a good team mates, that talks in chat etc.
    saying gg
    picking tanks, healers in quick plays
    This is the best paladins year ^^

  • @Radioxyss said in Cancer champions:

    @Conrad_Max yep, but i have to admit that in this weeks i had such a good team mates, that talks in chat etc.
    saying gg
    picking tanks, healers in quick plays
    This is the best paladins year ^^

    Recently I had three consecutive Siege games where our team did all of the above (that I had mentioned). The first two games were very good and which we had won. With the third game, we were against a team that quite obviously were playing as a fully cohesive team. That game went on a long time with both teams attacking and countering equally. I don't remember which team eventually won, but it didn't really matter. That game was more than just good. It was a very challenging and fun match. Whether we won or lost it was a great battle and was very enjoyable. One of the best in my Paladins career.

    A match can be great when both teams are good no matter the outcome.

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    @Borvik said in Cancer champions:

    Torvald isn't on this list? 😂

    He's a creeper.
    You never remember how annoying Field Study is until you're staring down the barrel of a Talus running up on you with a 2k shield and a ridiculous buff.

  • @Conrad_Max today enemy and my team had 3 healers so
    on quick play
    healers are popular today
    im happy

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    The real cancer isn’t in the champions.
    The cancer is the player themselves as @Conrad_Max said

  • @a_a by cancer champions players mean very low skill champions.
    1 lvl moji can defeat 57 lvl meave.

    • lvls without using gold.
      But yeah, he's right

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    cancer champs? Lian, cause kneeeeeeel!
    willo cause, ya can't kill me I can 1v1 anyone
    Torv cause shield slave
    koa cause dat hook going through walls is bullshit
    strix for obvious reasons
    Tyra cause you can't do shit about it
    maeve cause it's a tryharder champ but she's fun to play tho I like her
    khan for other obvious reasons
    jenos cause he's a damn bot lifting you up to die so you can't kill him

    but the most cancer of em all is....atlas, shield you can't do shit about, 2 lives, spend his time rewinding you, his ult is you can't do shit for 4sec, and his weapon is bullshit already
    everything about atlas is cancer

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    I don’t have a big problem with low skilled players, the real problem is with who is skilled but selfish.

    I mean the players who don’t think about their team, for example:

    • supports 99% from their job is to heal frontlines right? But many players (don’t know why but specially flanks) frequently says “need healing” every time they die putting their mistake in the supports.

    • a frontline champion who plays his role as damage while the objective/payload is empty of players.

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