• Hello ,

    Can hi rez fix this matchmaking please idk how is that hard before we used to wait quite a while before every ranked game now playing ranked sometimes faster than getting into casual

    Why do i plat v have to get matched with 3 silvers and 1 qualifying against all gold and why i get matched with new to the game players who their account levels mostly below 70

    A lot of the times i can't play ranked when i want to play because all of my friends are offline all i'm asking let me wait longer rather than that trash

  • @GoldenBlade well because of that the game is dying anyway..... Or do you hear people talk about this game better wait for Overwatch 2 because then the game is completely dead xD

  • @GoldenBlade OW has a system of play against bots on "shooting range" while you have to wait for a match. Paladins needs something similar in my opinion. I totaly agree with you about the longer queue - better MM could be a worthy trade.

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    Please don't necro.


    Ps. Game is not dying. You should check steamcharts etc. 🤷

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