Vivian balancing

  • Id like to start this off by saying I'm on console. Vivian is kind of a one trick pony and is super aggrivating to deal with because she has this build that allows her to shoot people with infinite ammo, this by itself is fine, but she only has to shoot to do good in a game. She adds so muh pressure by standing there and shooting, but at the same time she has abilites that help her stand there and shoot. With this build, she synergizes too well with Champions who control space. Most Vivian players I know don't even use Sensor drone, which is a very useful ability.

    In my opinion, the best ways to fix her would be to balance precision sights by making the slow stack with the gun up to 65-80% so she would be forced to stop aiming to regain some mobility, and give her a card that gives her a speed boost when reflector shield is active so she would have to rely on it more. This way, she has to deal with pressure better, use her drones to cover herself and the objective, and will have to make a decison to play offensive, or save Reflector Shield to get away.