Champion modifications mid-game

  • I dont know why you're locked into taking one champion and one loadout, but I think gameplay could be more interesting if you could:

    Change champions mid-game. You can't select from the whole unlocked roster, instead you pick another Champion at the beginning and switch at base or with a cooldown.

    Change Loadouts mid-game. I think many players would be satisfied with this compared to the first idea. Theoretically, you could switch loadouts to counterplay a champion you didn't anticipate, or experiment in a real game without sacrificing your play. Naturally, only at base though.

    These are just ideas though, dont take them too serious.

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    @U538274618 I think Paladins shouldn't have either champion or loadout changes midgame because then it's just playing characters to counter the other team's characters. Probably 99% of the things in game can be somewhat countered or reduced through the items shop. And you know the other team's composition when you're picking your loadout, so you can pick the right loadout for it (if you have a bunch of them).

  • @Borvik That's a good point, but I feel the item shop is kinda gimmicky, most items dont give a great effect immediately, don't apply well to enemy champions or yourself, and take a reasonable amount of gold to buy. I think that at least you should be able to sell items, it just doesnt feel right to buy utilities like bulldozer or wrecker and get locked into having it. Especially since there is 4 slots and caut is kinda mandatory.

  • I can see a lot of players wasting too much valuable time during a time-limited match switching their loadouts in order to counter the last person who killed them. The best over-all solution is to srategize with your time before and during a match.

  • Bring able to switch loadouts should definitely be a thing. Imagine your selfish support only picked them for the self sustain and now there's a tank on the objective without any healing, you have a support Skye loadout ready to go but you're using deliberate instead and would gladly switch to help the tank but you're forced to watch them die repeatedly, tilt and throw while the selfish support continues to feed by rushing into 1v5s because he assumes he could outlive them all..

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