LFG Thread

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    If you want to quickly find some new friends to play with, you can use this thread by posting with the following information:

    • Your in-game name
    • Your platform (PC/PS4/Switch/Xbox)
    • Crossplay preference
    • Your region
    • What time you are available+time zone
    • Voice programs you use or other contact information

    Have fun in The Realm! πŸ™‚

  • Name: Rahus
    Platform: Nintendo Switch
    Crossplay: Yes Not Anymore
    Region: North America
    Availability: I'm free most days, but I'm also an adult and have real life matters to attend to from time to time. So it's on and off, mostly. If you see me on, feel free to shoot me an invite to your party.
    Voice Programs: None; I prefer not to talk because it distracts me from the game.

    Sidenote: I am not a professional by any means. I play Paladins for fun, so if you're looking for top tier gamers, move along. I also am willing to help with Battle Passes. Just hit me up whenever you need a hand.

  • IGN: Maeveinator

    Platform: PS4

    No Crossplay

    My Region: North America

    Availability: Any day any time, sometimes. At least until school starts.

    Mic/Contact information: Just friend me with a message, I do not use my voice, that would reveal my gender.

    Don't be sad if I don't accept friend request. I try to keep my friends minimal.

  • coolbreez420420/grrlscout420420
    Xbox One/PS4
    Crossplay preferred
    North America
    Available weekdays after 5pm & allday weekends (EST or -5 GMT)
    XBL/PSN party chat, adults only pls
    Msg me on XBL/ PSN for any questions

  • Xbox
    Crossplatform fine
    Communication XBL/in game
    My wife and i play often all throughout the day off and on.(PST) looking for help with battlepass challenges, primarily 200k shielding. Toss us a friend invite

  • Your in-game name GT: Spearmint Spaff
    Your platform (PC/PS4/Switch/Xbox) Xbox One
    Crossplay preference No crossplayer preference
    Your region NA (but connect to other regions just fine)
    What time you are available+time zone Available all times as currently injured

  • @grrlscout420 I'm still active! Still no replies but message me on xb1 anytime for meetup & possibly participate in some tourneys

  • @SpearmintSpaff I'm down to play. Mainly weekends and after 5pm EST. I main heals & fronts, have a basic understanding of the game can adapt my gameplay to different playstyles. Hmu xbl:coolbreez420420

  • LordPresident1 PS4
    Barik and Seris are my best characters.

  • IG name:feroplays
    Platform: PC
    Crossplay prefere:meh
    Available time 2/3 hrs a day/timezone:(GMT+1)

  • Name: HintOfLisp
    Platform: Xbox
    Region: NA
    Crossplay: Whatever works
    Availability: On and off
    Voice chat: Preferably none, but will talk on Xbox party

    I love this game but sadly, none of my friends play it. I am a koga main and stick to quick play. Feel free to add me and invite me whenever you see me on!

  • Hi! I play on Pc and would love to have someone to play with. Most of my friends dont like the game πŸ˜• Im okay with not voice chatting. Please reply πŸ™‚

  • IGN: PhoenixAspect
    Platform: PC
    Region: Australia
    Crossplay: anything sure
    Availability: frequent
    Voice chat: Doesn't bother me, I have mic
    None of my friends like the game, thats why I'm here, to make new ones

  • Your in-game name - Fefe309
    Your platform - PS4

    Crossplay preference - No Preference

    Your region - NA

    What time you are available+time zone
    EST & I’m available almost everyday, just shoot me a message or an invite if you see me on
    Voice programs you use or other contact information - MIC (I don’t use my mic but I will if I have to)

  • AkJuggalo ps4 Alaska standard time avaliable anytime

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