LFG Thread

  • IGN: Maeveinator

    Platform: PS4

    No Crossplay

    My Region: North America

    Availability: Any day any time, sometimes. At least until school starts.

    Mic/Contact information: Just friend me with a message, I do not use my voice, that would reveal my gender.

    Don't be sad if I don't accept friend request. I try to keep my friends minimal.

  • coolbreez420420/grrlscout420420
    Xbox One/PS4
    Crossplay preferred
    North America
    Available weekdays after 5pm & allday weekends (EST or -5 GMT)
    XBL/PSN party chat, adults only pls
    Msg me on XBL/ PSN for any questions

  • Xbox
    Crossplatform fine
    Communication XBL/in game
    My wife and i play often all throughout the day off and on.(PST) looking for help with battlepass challenges, primarily 200k shielding. Toss us a friend invite

  • Your in-game name GT: Spearmint Spaff
    Your platform (PC/PS4/Switch/Xbox) Xbox One
    Crossplay preference No crossplayer preference
    Your region NA (but connect to other regions just fine)
    What time you are available+time zone Available all times as currently injured

  • @grrlscout420 I'm still active! Still no replies but message me on xb1 anytime for meetup & possibly participate in some tourneys

  • @SpearmintSpaff I'm down to play. Mainly weekends and after 5pm EST. I main heals & fronts, have a basic understanding of the game can adapt my gameplay to different playstyles. Hmu xbl:coolbreez420420

  • LordPresident1 PS4
    Barik and Seris are my best characters.

  • IG name:feroplays
    Platform: PC
    Crossplay prefere:meh
    Available time 2/3 hrs a day/timezone:(GMT+1)

  • Name: HintOfLisp
    Platform: Xbox
    Region: NA
    Crossplay: Whatever works
    Availability: On and off
    Voice chat: Preferably none, but will talk on Xbox party

    I love this game but sadly, none of my friends play it. I am a koga main and stick to quick play. Feel free to add me and invite me whenever you see me on!

  • Hi! I play on Pc and would love to have someone to play with. Most of my friends dont like the game ๐Ÿ˜• Im okay with not voice chatting. Please reply ๐Ÿ™‚

  • IGN: PhoenixAspect
    Platform: PC
    Region: Australia
    Crossplay: anything sure
    Availability: frequent
    Voice chat: Doesn't bother me, I have mic
    None of my friends like the game, thats why I'm here, to make new ones

  • Your in-game name - Fefe309
    Your platform - PS4

    Crossplay preference - No Preference

    Your region - NA

    What time you are available+time zone
    EST & Iโ€™m available almost everyday, just shoot me a message or an invite if you see me on
    Voice programs you use or other contact information - MIC (I donโ€™t use my mic but I will if I have to)

  • AkJuggalo ps4 Alaska standard time avaliable anytime

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