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    Sorry, write through the interpreter

    Looking at what modes you now do, I have the impression that you are running out of ideas or not at all. Mode "King of the mountain" is the same as the mode during the events of "the End of time", and he did not like anyone. The thing is, At ivel modzhi no idea about game development? If I had left the game that fall and returned this fall, I would not have noticed any changes except for unnecessary skins, which are not who did not give up. At the time of development from Hi Rez, the modes were less, with the exception of "fury Delight" That mode was simply the best!. These developers made special maps for the modes. And evel moji has no idea but to do the same mode with the transfer of points...

    Return the cargo mode to a permanent basis. Many loved him and many liked him. I don't think this mode you than it will prevent. It will bring only joy to the old players who want to return this mode. I am sure that if you add the "Cargo" mode, many players will Return to the game!
    Make a temporary mode for the event with a separate card. It will be similar to the previous regime, but since many liked the "fury Of the Furies", about this you could try...
    It will be in the form of ancient Egypt, where players teams run around the pyramids with traps and collect artifacts.. They will need to be carried to the middle of the map under the sacred statue. The team that is short will take under a statue of many jewels, that team will win
    Add a Mode in which all will be for themselves. Will island or platform on which to be a lot of traps when it's this platform where players are in, will break down. The winner is the player who will last live

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    I just want rise of furia back lul

    ascension peak was fun too

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