Io shares no similarities with Jenos

  • When Koga was revealed to be the student of Zhin, it clearly shows as both had uncanny similarities like
    Both are flanks
    Both used fire throwing melee weapons
    Both can turn into smoke
    Both use spin attack
    Both have talents that increase their ultimate charge

    Compared to that, the only similarities Io and Jenos share is that both are Healers, that's it

  • Well, Io is the Goddess of the Moon and Jenos was a monk before he achieved ascension. That's one of their fundamental differences as beings in the Paladins universe.

    Since Jenos was able to ascend into the stars, and stars are much further and far-reached than the Moon, it'd make sense if Jenos has more knowledge related to the greater extent outside of the Realm. From one of the lore animations EvilMojo released for the Ascension Peak event, we saw Jenos decend from the stars and share his knowledge with Buck, who had meditated on Ascension Peak for who knows how long. Thus when Buck uses his skill Recovery, you can see the same lotus icon as Jenos' Astral Mark skill.

    Io is Moon Goddess, who watched over "the Realm" for eons. We can make the assumption that she has knowledge about the Realm as far back as when it was first created. We can also assume that the Realm and its Moon are smaller part of the Paladins universe as the Darkness exists and is believed to come from another world, or perhaps another realm within the universe.

    It would be logical that Jenos and Io do not share similar themed armor/skill/weapon sets as they are two different entities that reside in the Paladins universe and plays different roles in the lore.

  • Thank God they aren't similar. Io is fantastic the way she is right now.

  • PC

    Koga was Zhin's apprentice, that's why they have more similarities. Jenos and Io are friends. And they have a few more things in common than just being healers: they're both celestial deities, both complain about people touching their hair/tail, and they're both short--with Jenos being a tab bit shorter apparently and I love it because he's like Levi from AoT.

  • also, they said celestial beings are shorter and have bigger heads

    Jenos is short,

    Io has big head mode enabled

    so theres that

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