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  • @Dusklicious said in Guide for every champion:

    I'm in the process of writing a Barik guide that I'm going to post on here when I get to that point. I already have a less detailed version on Guru.

    Darn. I also thought about writing a Barik guide. Now I am curious to read yours.

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    @M3RC3N4RI0 said in Guide for every champion:

    @Dusklicious said in Guide for every champion:

    I'm in the process of writing a Barik guide that I'm going to post on here when I get to that point. I already have a less detailed version on Guru.

    Darn. I also thought about writing a Barik guide. Now I am curious to read yours.

    I'll post it probably sometime in the next couple of days. It will still be a WIP at that point though, as I intend to add more than is going to be there.

    EDIT: I'm in the long process of actually not making it look terrible after copy-pasting it (a lot of the formatting is getting ignored and the pictures don't paste over).

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    @TangAce yep, your general guides would help, such as the CC/status guide.

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    I added the one I already wrote, I'll probably make a guide to explain roles in the next few days

    I'm quite unhappy with the formatting tho, it kinda just looks like a bunch of text (I guess it kinda is), I'm not really good with these stuff^^

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    EDIT: link's in my sig I guess.

  • I'll make Ruckus again soon. But I should play him more because now I forget how to play him properly now. My aim still sucks despite playing Apex

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    I'll add my role guide when I'll have it finished

    I'm gonna try making a positioning guide but it'll be really hard to do and very long

    I'll probably make a team composition guide and a what not to do list (cause like vhs spamming is...)

    Then probably make more champ guides

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    first old forums seems to be very unstable (I couldn't access it 2 days ago...)
    then, this is new forums, just remake your guide on here and I'll add it to the list (it has to be up to date tho, 90% of the old forums guide are very outdated, still have 4 talents and such, guides need to get updated when there is a major change)

  • Is it fine if you add my Talents Guide? 😄 Just a request though, no prob if you don't

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    I'll probably do it next time I modify this post, nice job on that one

  • Thanks for complimenting my guide.

    It was more of a team effort though...

  • I made a page for anyone to request a loadout to be proofread, perhaps you can add that here? Does that count?

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    can we have guides for like dmg tanks and flanks? cause like people only make guides for supports xD

  • I have a Sha Lin guide in the works, and also planning to make a Zhin guide


    put this on there Tang? wouldya?

    Btw where is Dusklicious's Barik guide? I think that even if you disagree with it, it would be fair to put it there...

  • I was thinking about small Fire Imani deckbuilding miniguide. Would you guys want to see it? Since I don't play Imani as much as Seris, it won't be the same quality, but perhaps someone could use a quick tip in deck building.

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    This post is deleted!

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    I'm gonna answer to all at once

    if you want to make a guide and want your guide to appear in the list, I suggest you make full guides not just a guide about one part of a champ, an imani guide should present all possible gameplays, not just fire, cause imani isn't only fire, and actually fire and ice have two different purpose, and both should be used in a game, not just one simply because one might be better for something and the other would be times better in a different situation
    I don't care about the form quality, I myself don't have the best writing and am totally bad for images and such (plus it takes a lot of time) but I do care about the infos in your guide

    and as I said if you want to make a special guide for one specific thing (like I plan on making a resonance ying guide) then flag it as a resonance guide, not a whole ying guide (seriously I have never healed with ying and never will I, probably)

    the guide here have to be of good quality in terms of infos, cause it's where players will come look for a guide, if I'm new at imani for exemple, I want a guide showing me all possibilities all what I can do with her, and I surely want to know what is good and what isn't

    as for your barik guide
    I've told you the reasons plenty of times, I've talked about archi with several people, from low elo to high elo, including pml or former pml players, everyone agrees on saying that you can't play barik without tinkerin or bowling ball, cause there are the 2 things making barik a good point tank, not using bowling ball would be like not using nara mother grace, not using tinkerin is like using inara with tremor or maybe the cripple

    no matter the elo or player lvl or whatever, tinkerin is better and is one of the two reasons why barik is played, sure in low elo you can play cripple inara or even tremor, it will more or less work, it can seem good, but if you play mother grace, it's way better, and I think everyone seeking a guide is wanting to improve and to get better to reach higher elo (at least most people are) and they won't get better by playing tinkerin

    there are some champions with multiple viable talents (ash for exemple, or furia, or term) inara and barik ain't in that category, they are great champs only because of one talent or one card, it's like lian, she's good cause of eminance and the cd on hit + cd on elim cards, if you were to play without these, you'd be playing a mediocre champ

    anyway if you want an archi guide, I'm fine with it, but make sure to only talk about archi, to have decent loadouts (bowling ball+failsafe at least please) and to tag it as an archi guide, then I or anyone else, would make a barik general guide to go along with yours (the same I've done with the seris guide)
    If I took the time I probably could make a guide for every champ (maybe except a few like ruckus or damba) but I'm already trying to find a way to make the positioning collection xDDDD

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