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    A guide would help

  • @TangAce said in List of Paladins Guides:

    I've talked about archi with several people, from low elo to high elo, including pml or former pml players, everyone agrees

    This only shows which talent is more popular. I write guides based on personal experience and statistic and not based on popular opinion.

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    I'm gonna say it one more time, it's not popular opinion, all stats all players everything shows that tinkerin is way better than archi, playing archi barik is like playing aegis nando, sure it can work, but it's still garbage and you'll achieve way less with it than with formidable or scorch
    if you want stats I can show yo stats, I can even create 2 smurfs and play only barik one with archi one with tinkerin if you want, just to compare, even before thebettermeta was shut down, tinkerin had better stats in all elo, except winrate for like 1% in lower elos
    it's called meta for a reason -.-
    you guys have 0 arguments showing that archi might be better, if you want to prove that archi is better go ahead, show me, reach gm playing only archi barik if you can, idk, but as long as no one proves that it's better, then tinkerin is the meta pick

    and as I've said countless times, idc if he made an archi guide, but it has to be good, his loadouts were pretty bad, and most of his strats things were pretty inaccurate, a guide has to be of good quality in terms of infos, if you give people garbage loadouts and infos, then I won't put it in the list, I've tried to tell him what was wrong to improve his guide, he won't listen to me, not my fault and nothing I can do about it, if you can't even listen to a more experienced player giving you advices...barik is a champ I play a lot and a champ that I can play in master/gm elo without any problems, I think I can give advices on him
    even you agreed that he showed bad loadouts -.-

    last time I'll be saying it, as long as a guide is of bad quality without any plan on updating it, I won't show it in the list

  • @TangAce said in List of Paladins Guides:
    even before thebettermeta was shut down, archi had better stats in all elo, except winrate for like 1% in lower elos

    Then you use another better meta than me. Archi had better winrate in all Elos. If I look a v2.05 there are 254 matches on Master rank with architectonics having higher winrate than Tinkerin.

    What's the point in trying out myself with which Talent I am better with, if there are statistics with thousands of matches for players on my skill level. There were 10000 matches vs 45000 matches on V2.06, for mid-platinum. On diamond still 3K vs 22K.

    I have changed to tinkering btw. it's much more fun after the aim adapted.

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    I meant tinkerin not archi lol xDDD

    yet tinkerin has better damage better kda better obj time better everything, it's not because a few noobs got carried while playing archi that it's good lmao

    you can't change the fact that tink is better, if I see anyone using archi I'll report him for trolling, it's as simple as that, and most players do the same

    and I'll do the same with any guide, I see enough trolls noobs and bots in paladins already, I don't want more

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    Why the argument over this when everyone knows Fortify is the best..

    Seriously, all three talents work. I'll use Fortify or Tinkerin depending on what I think will work best for the match.

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    @DaddyOoker said in List of Paladins Guides:

    Why the argument over this when everyone knows Fortify is the best..

    Seriously, all three talents work. I'll use Fortify or Tinkerin depending on what I think will work best for the match.

    Fortify doesn't really work all that much better than Archi, after personally trying it out.

    And Tang is just offended because I play an off-meta talent choice on my main (and it works).

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    @Dusklicious I say use what works for you. Same for all the champions. That's what I do.

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    @TangAce Would you please stop saying Tink is the best barik talent?
    If I am a moderator I will ban you for 2 months for offending Dusklicious that much

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    @a_a said in List of Paladins Guides:

    @TangAce Would you please stop saying Tink is the best barik talent?
    If I am a moderator I will ban you for 2 months for offending Dusklicious that much

    He didn't offend me, I offended him. 😆

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    calm down, idc that it's duskli or someone else, he wanna play off meta? fine with me idc about what he does, I played plenty of off meta stuff, surely more than he ever will
    but I'm not making a guide about off meta thing without saying that it's only for that talent and that it's off meta, and I actually know how to play my off meta picks, not like his no bowling ball barik

    also please update your damba guide ^^'

    you can say that I'm a jerk or whatever, the thing is, I only care about the guides and the help these guides provide, is a guide is bad then I'll say it, I have 10 times his playtime and a better game knowledge as well as higher rank, I also play high level eu pugs and I'm the captain of my team, I think I can tell if his guide is good or bad considering how much I play barik

    think about it, if a pro player tells you that your loadout is bad or that you play bad or whatever, you can hate him as much as you want, you won't improve, if you want to improve you gotta have a good attitude, no matter how much you hate to be wrong or whatever, I know that from experience, pro players called me noob and stuff in the past, hated it, but I have the will to improve till I get better than they are, I could have said whatever, it wouldn't have changed the fact that I played bad

    it's the same here, I'm just giving advices and stuff, if he wants to listen to them good, if he doesn't care, good too, cause it's not my problem
    but I won't agree with a bad guide, if you see someone with a bad deck but he told you it's a good one and you are new player, you will get his deck, and you'll have a bad deck too, it's as simple as that

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    @TangAce said in List of Paladins Guides:

    also please update your damba guide ^^'

    To be honest, I am bad at guides

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    I've told you what to change tho 😕 it's not much, the writing isn't even important, I write pretty bad myself, and I'm probably the worst at writing guides, it always end up being a bunch of text, but it doesn't matter, what matters is what it brings to people reading it


    Ok... you want another person chiming in as to why turrets are completely fine to build around...
    I agree it is not the most worthwhile talent, you are talking this for the CD reduction and a minor crossfire supression fire buff...
    Honestly... I think his turrets need a base CD reduction of 2s with a warmup time of 2.5s over the current 3.4s but i digress..

    When you think of each turret as your slug gun and you asses what foes will be moving in that area, you can create hindering crossfire situations to gain elim CDR for your Bowing bowl and Barrier. THIS CAN BE DONE WITH ANY BARIK.

    Using elim CDR and Failsafe and bowling bowl over all is just good mobility and durability overall true, but if you sacrifice your slug gun you have better access to chunky turrets which can annoy where people stand and force enemies to take dozer, which they do not need normally or get a damage or flank to take care of the turrets which is enemy info, unless your ally is defending a turret with an advantage in the trade.
    Or with turret talent, use of one mans scrap to synergize with aid station and buffer your sustain heal while ElimCDR (Barrier), Failsafe, Bowing Ball are your defences... this gives barik bulk sustain with kill to heal, making his turrets as counterable as he wants them to be while beng a juggernaught in his own right.

    Even without use of Talent.... Turrets WHEN PLACED WITH SOME COMMON SENSE are a form of additional damage, enemy player information and zoning pressure that punish over extending foes that stray within line of sight pressuring lower HP foes out of trades in the local area and reduces the effectiveness of dives.
    With good operation of the turret AI you can pretty much allow your allies to have some good areas to fight around in the backline
    When turrets are cranked all the way up to 1000 HP with some 300 uncautable HP regen a sec and placed in the most brutal of places. It becomes an asset that takes time and line of sight to destroy by lower dps champs.... something barik can bide time for with his kit... making it kind of annoying to deal with, if an ally fights in co ordination with your fall back turret placement with you gaining an instance of elim CDR while Barrier is on CD.... i tend to think of it as if an ally gets one of my kills, we all get a turret to rotate around.

    Look at the end of the day, people will use whatever talent that they want to use....
    Best thing to do is educate people on how to get the best use out of it and not be a W&anchor about it.
    You want people to play tinkering and miss %50 of the time... by all means preach it....

    Tinkering is the only gameplay altering talent, but without that headshot damage, I feel barik misses out on tighter maps and turrets and or fortify can make much better options unless you want to sit at corners and poke...
    Turrets have too much of their utility in cards and their talent does not alter their use much, just gives you a heap of the turrets you invested in, that said they will do a lot of overall damage. Pity you do not gain 2 charges or something.

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    then the enemy buys dozer and you become useless
    yay op choice, talent sthat can be countered with a simple item are usually pretty bad

    missing doesn't matter lol, you think pros are pros cause of their aims? nah, game sense is 80% of what makes a good player
    I miss plenty of shots with barik, I can still play him in high elo no problem

    placing turrets in the middle of the map isn't always the best, ye it can tank a shot or two, but if you playing with some healing on it, placing it around corners is better, won't get shot down, will heal you, will protect you and damage when you retreat and the enemy will be busy trying to kill you so won't even notice the turret

    anyway dis not the place to talk about all this and I'm damn tired of arguing over barik

    think whatever you want, stay low elo all your life if you want, I simply don't care

  • All of you... CHILL!!

    I was just asking, didn't want a debate this damn long.

    My point was, since this is a pinned by moderator page, Tang should not be biased as for which guides to be posted.

    Eesh, video games and preferences...

  • @TangAce

    Ok don't listen again...
    Blame elo and other pointless factors because you are refusing to listen to alternatives.

    Just saying barik is countered by dozer is sort of laughable.
    They should hardly ever see combat, unless the enemy want to give chase.
    You play around and force them to take dozer with turret investment...
    What are they going to counter, the turrets which do not need dozer, your sustain healing, or your shields...

    At the end of the day all barik does is soft damage and barriers, without tinkering, you have more access to dome shield due to head shot farming. Dome shield charge advantage gives more counterplay oppertunities to certain ults then tinkering supressions brings vs certain match ups on tight maps.
    Tinkering puts pressure on those match ups from afar but you do not have access to dome shield as much to hold a point or corridor or to counter frontline dive or CC defense. Honestly if you want tinkering ranged damage, other characters perform the same, just without the barrier bide...

    But hey I could have 3 dome shields a round with the pellet shotgun and people still would not know how to use them the best, I could do a lot of shielding and damage denial and ult farm, but if not used corrently what is the point, the enemy can rotate around it unless it is on the objective or giving my team a shooting gallery. So there is an element of team synergy and player awareness needed if you are going to use this extra charge rate for offence.

    Personally... fortify and turrets work if you can abuse them.
    The pellet shot gun is greater damage in close quarters as you will always be looking to drive headshots vs players who do not have the ability to head shot.

    Against champions who need to land contact abilities and headshots, tinkering is a wiser option, but brawler type champs without these features, pellet shot gun hurts in fighting over a duration in cqc.

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    yeah but it seems they can't accept the fact that they might need to change some stuff in how they play

    I'm not biased or anything, if it's of bad quality I won't pin it, if it's outdated I will unpin it, simple

    it's like community creation, we could have a pinned thread with a list of concepts, but it would only show the best ones, not unfinished stuff or totally broken concepts

    if any of you wants to complain go see a moderator and ask him to delete this thread so one of you can make one however you want it to be

    the thing is, if I didn't do this, no one would have, if I hadn't asked people to make some guides we'd have less guides, if I wasn't writing guides myself the number of guides would surely drop fast, on the old forums the guide list thread featured plenty of outdated guides, guides 2 years old which had never been updated, I don't want that to happen again and that's why I've taken it to make the list, so it only features good quality updated guides, cause that's what people are looking for

    one more thing, if one of you wants the ownership of this thread and other people tell me that person should replace me, then I'll give him the thread and you'll do however you please, simply note that I'll then leave the forum after deleting my guides and other contributions

    also note that if any of you think one of my guide isn't of sufficient quality or is missing something, you can tell me, I'll try my best to improve it

    I haven't asked much of duskli regarding his guide, only that he either improve it or modify some things, he doesn't want to do it, not my fault, if you have noticed I have replied to every single guides giving my opinion and such, every time the criticism I'm doing I'm not the only one to say it, there are people listening and those who don't, I'll point out the fact that I'm more experienced than most people writing guides here and that I regularly talk with better players than I am (including pml players) about what is good and what isn't, so maybe taking what I say into account could be a good idea yaknow, there are plenty of reasons why something is played and why something isn't

    I'll now stop with all this fuss about archi since I've already explained the how and why, now it's up to you guys to choose the future of this thread and guides in general

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    @TangAce no offense meant, I will not update My guide until they buff/nerf/rework something in damba.

  • @TangAce

    What I am saying is...
    Every guide should cater to the fact that multiple talents exist, each documenting their particular strengths, weaknesses and when to use talents for their overall potential throughout the game.

    To opt to only play with the meta tactic, and never allow for the understanding of how to play with anything else is kind of annoying to those people who try to explain the strengths of off talents and alternate kit aspects aside from the meta talent and meta cards...

    If people never learn to understand the use of bariks pros with other talents properly, then you'll get games of carrying barik always dealing non impactful chipping damage or deploying shield only for himself and rarely needing proper healing as his ample sustain is doing it all for them...
    Once people have a bit of information to go on, people get creative with their playstyle and performace.
    If a player knows how to go above and beyond with their restrictions, you get a clearer vision of the true meta.

    At the end of the day.
    The more information you give players to understand, the better player performance and game sense will be.

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