Constantly losing

  • @AYYDIMITRI most of the time the team as a whole isnt good enough to support me with 4 dps and me as tank. I constantly get ganked and bullied most of the time. One person usually comes and kills me over and over. Theres no running away when u get killed in 2 seconds of being attacked. It doesn't matter what items i buy it will still result the same way. If i go to far in then it results in me getting killed. So do i just feed all game or just quit the match? Either way I will get reported.

  • @U1322134514 well, I guess 30% winrate doesn't means you're a bad player, that's exactly why I left paladins for a time. I am an average proficiency player, not that good, not that bad, (lvl 190, 3 m50+ champions, gold 1 at season one), but the last week I've played I've lost about 90% of the matches; I was playing well, my team was playing well, but the enemy team was ever five times better, I didn't understand wtf was happenin'. I just realized that cames up after the crossplay update. I've tested to play with an joystick in against keyb/mouse players, died more than Subaru; later I've tried the opposite, play with keyb against joystick players, killed more than Madara on the 4th great ninja war. The crossplay matchmaking is just bad, it is not your fault; disabling the crossplay until they fix it may solve your issue.

  • @WDNine i get so depressed losing all the time and only doing well a small fraction of the time. I only win when my team is stacked with unbeatable people on my team. Its fascinating how the game doesn't care if you lose so much. I literally say i want to kill myself and absolutely no one cares.

  • @U1322134514 maaan, don't get so depressed, it's just a game. It is not how if your job is to win or your life depends on this. Relax, repeat this mantra every loss: "It's just a game".

  • @WDNine now i cant win at all because the onslaught mode has changed. I wonder how many I will lose in a row. I want to kill myself.

  • @U1322134514 said in Constantly losing:

    @WDNine now i cant win at all because the onslaught mode has changed. I wonder how many I will lose in a row. I want to kill myself.

    Find another, less competative, hobby. This hobby is obviously not working for you if you want to kill yourself. But, let's be honest, you are feeding off of the attention you're getting here.

    People have given you suggestions, but you are still the suicidal terrible gamer. I suggest that you get another hobby and/or get some serious help.

    Good luck.

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    If losing in Paladins really makes you feel that bad, a break (permanent or otherwise) is definitely the best course.

    We can get a bit wrapped up in things like this but in the end, it's only a game and your winrate doesn't matter.

    Let's try keep positive as much as possible!

  • If 4 people on your team have locked in and you have no tank or support, always pick support, as at least then you have a chance. A tank with no support will not survive for long unless you are a very skilled Khan player. Anyway, it’s just a game - nothing to be suicidal over. Good luck out there.

  • @U1322134514 yeah fr. i always get lose. Like I played 10 games and I only got 2 or 1 win games the rest is defeat. This is important to have a team or friends. I always got 8 games victory streak. If I play solo, it always lose. I ever got level 100 enemies while I’m 10. It’s just uhhh. I was looking a fun but, how did I find a fun if it’s just like this. Anyways, if u want to play with me just add me : gabriellarr

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