Constantly losing

  • I am having a horrible time with winning only like 30% of the time. It doesn't matter who I play it just seems I still end up doing horrible and losing most if the time. I may have a good game once out of every ten games. I have no one to play with. It gets really depressing losing all the time. It makes getting battle pass xp impossible. Im not playing tank with no healer and just getting killed every 20 seconds. Most of the time the other is stacked against our team with much higher level players. Yeah get gud its my fault. Its not my fault every single match. I get so down on myself playing this game and losing so much. Is quitting better than feeding? Because I think it is sometimes. Kosrae34 Xbox1

  • Are you looking for a good group to play with? If so, maybe this should be moved to LFG?

  • @Conrad_Max no not really looking for a group. Im just wondering why my games are so unbalanced not in my favor....losing 70% of the time. Matchmaking shouldn't be that bad.

  • How the MM works is they try to put atleast two high level players in the lobby, one per team, and fill the rest with whatever they can find. Best way to win is to figure out who's the high level on your team and support them as best you can

  • @U1322134514
    If you are having that many bad games as i used to for a while now then try turning off crossplay in control settings. It might help unless you already have it off.

  • Before a match starts, do you and your teammates discuss strategy? Does the team attempt to execute the strategy when the game starts? Do you continue to encourage each other during the game? Are you mic'ed up?

    The "problem" may not be yours alone, but with the people you play with. I suggest contacting the best players (not neccessarily with the best stats, but with stats that are appropriate with the role[s] they play, and with more consistant wins) and ask them if they would party up with you. Who knows? Your bad luck may disappear.

  • @Conrad_Max i dont have a mic and i never hear anyone say anything at all. No one wants to play with me. Im losing all the time why would anyone want to play with me. The only thing i see in chat is people saying they will be reporting me.

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    If you are actually bad then practice more in the training matches.

    What was already said regarding cross play can't be stressed enough.
    Gamepad users will be mostly slaughtered by mouse users.

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    not wanna complain, but the matchmaking is broken at least for me, keep getting bots every few games, or bronze lvl players (last game I had a drogoz with 0.7 kda on drogoz this season...), everyone can end up with 30-40% winrate (that was my casual winrate for few months just cause matchmaking lol)

  • @U1322134514 , do you have an Android phone? Use it's mic or break down and buy a mic. Being able to communicate can be - should be - an important part of team based games.

    If you want to improve, play more agressively and strategically. If your character is dying, run the Hell away and heal up. Don't stay there taking the hits and it doesn't help your team.

    If you want more consistsnt wins, buddy up with a couple of people and party down with them. Talk, plan and take action.

    I've got nothing more to give you. Your future in The Realm, your enjoyment of the game, is dependent on you. Good luck!

  • @Conrad_Max most of the time i get ganked and dont have many options when they pretty much one shot me. I dont hear anyone talking so i dont see much point in a mic. No one plays with me anyways.

  • @OriginalEquinox it doesn't matter who is on the team. Hirez seems to hsve it out for me to constantly lose. It makes me want to kill myself. I cant do anything right it seems like when you lose all the time with no one to play with.

  • @U1322134514 i see no one cares

  • @U1322134514 said in Constantly losing:

    @U1322134514 i see no one cares

    Use a mic. Even if your team isn't talking, some of them might still be able to hear you. Send out friend requests to the good players you meet. Form a team with the players who accept your fequest. Discuss and strategize with them before you look for a match. Tell them your strengths and weaknesses. Always be polite and respectful with your team.

  • @Conrad_Max no one wants to play with me. I see no point using a mic if no one talks to me.

  • @U1322134514 it doesn't matter no one cares.

  • You will lose with that attitude.
    Act like a feeder and that is all you will aspire to be.

    Regardless of shot calling.

    What do you bring to the game as a player.
    What exactly is your strategy, how do you approch the enemy, how do you ping off your team.
    There must be a flavour, a style of fighing which you seek to master.
    I am a bully of my enemies and a guardian to my comrades, I will play every character that allows act in this way.
    Others are focused on enemy pressure, or battle control, whatever floats thier boat. Find your zen and master it.

    Most rookies just walk into playing any champ, without considering environment or map or team positioning. That is not on.

    If you are having issues with your win rate, then consider why things are going wrong and adjust accordingly, keeping in mind what can be done differently.

    Cause you stated you would pick tank into a no support, when the right support makes the whole team a tankier threat. I agree that having no barriers is a pain, as I like playing around barriers. But the mobility of 4 dps/flank profits more off recovery then free attack windows.

  • @AYYDIMITRI most of the time the team as a whole isnt good enough to support me with 4 dps and me as tank. I constantly get ganked and bullied most of the time. One person usually comes and kills me over and over. Theres no running away when u get killed in 2 seconds of being attacked. It doesn't matter what items i buy it will still result the same way. If i go to far in then it results in me getting killed. So do i just feed all game or just quit the match? Either way I will get reported.

  • @U1322134514 well, I guess 30% winrate doesn't means you're a bad player, that's exactly why I left paladins for a time. I am an average proficiency player, not that good, not that bad, (lvl 190, 3 m50+ champions, gold 1 at season one), but the last week I've played I've lost about 90% of the matches; I was playing well, my team was playing well, but the enemy team was ever five times better, I didn't understand wtf was happenin'. I just realized that cames up after the crossplay update. I've tested to play with an joystick in against keyb/mouse players, died more than Subaru; later I've tried the opposite, play with keyb against joystick players, killed more than Madara on the 4th great ninja war. The crossplay matchmaking is just bad, it is not your fault; disabling the crossplay until they fix it may solve your issue.

  • @WDNine i get so depressed losing all the time and only doing well a small fraction of the time. I only win when my team is stacked with unbeatable people on my team. Its fascinating how the game doesn't care if you lose so much. I literally say i want to kill myself and absolutely no one cares.

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