This Week in the Realm | August 26-September 1

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    It’s Monday in the Realm, you know what that means!


    • 4AM ET | Free Champion Rotation: Atlas, Dredge, Talus, Pip


    • 4AM ET | Time Warp Begins! Unlock the Flapper Evie Spray with your first win of the day!
    • 4AM ET | Time Warp: 2X Battle Pass XP


    • 4AM ET | Time Warp: All Champions Unlocked
    • 4AM ET | Time Warp: Unlock the Pinup Furia Spray with your first win of the day!
    • 4PM - 6PM ET | SMITE, Paladins, & Realm Royale Developer Meet & Greet at Dragon*Con! Come join us from 4-6PM EST at the Savannah Ballroom at the Westin hotel! We'll have developers and artists from our studios to mix, mingle, and answer your questions. If you're lucky, you might even leave with some codes.


    • 4AM ET | Time Warp: Unlock a flair chest with your first win of the day!

    Weekly Wisdom with @Neco : Some items synergize particularly well with certain Champions' abilities. Picking up Deft Hands on Champions like Mal'Damba and Dredge, for example, can help you leverage their interaction with reloading!

    Edit: Added the time warp events to the individual pages. Previously the weekend event listed "Double Battle Pass XP" which has been changed to reflect the changing events in Time Warp!

  • What happened to time warp? Wasn’t it starting the 30th?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @IhreQuikZz Um, did you read the post above? It still says Time Warp is on the 30th.

  • @sosreptile

    Oh, wait! Maybe he comes from the future like Atlas!

  • I'd just like to point out that the Time Warp isn't going to generate much interest in those of us that don't play pvp typically because of win gating. If you're intentions are to only reward your existing player base and the couple that may trickle in, then so be it. However, I can tell you that having to win is more frustrating to me and my two teenage boys than the rewards are worth.

  • @CrookedParadox just play a TDM and heal whoever is carrying if winning is so hard

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