The Champion Talents Guide

  • I am adding this to help with Champion talent selection...

    Also, You all should know I'm inserting GENERAL best talents. It is theoretically possible to play Evie with Snow Globe and Over the Moon, but generally speaking, you know Wormhole is the best. And so on. So please, if you have a weird idea about how to play a champ, tell me with a civil manner, and I might consider it should it become general.


    %(#f01624)[Khan]: With the SoB nerfs and the Resi Nerfs. Stun Khan will be a thing. Vortex Grip. Apart from that, I think Lian's Shield can work if you really must run point tank Khan, I don't entirely recommend it though, just run Vortex. (check my Khan guide for more info on Point Tank Khan)

    %(#f01624)[Fernando]: Scorch and Formidable are both really-really good talents with the caut nerfs. Scorch in combination with the new Looks That Kill can mean that you would torture backlines with some of your burst, while Formidable is essentially a second life early on, enabling you to reposition yourself to receive some heals from your team.

    %(#f01624)[Barik]: With the Tinkerin' Nerfs. I'm gonna have to say the best talent generally as Architectonics. Tinkerin might work in large maps, but Architectonics should be the go to about 60-70% of the time.

    %(#850a7f)[Terminus]: Two of his talents are usable. Crush is good if you can easily get close enough to land a Shatterfall on your target and get good burst. Useful on maps like Stone Keep and Jag Falls where it's small and enclosed. But mainly, since Terminus is pretty busted on larger maps,you should go Decimate instead.

    %(#f01624)[Ash]: Battering Ram Nerfed. Go any of the other two talents. Depending on situation! Slug Shot for large defensive maps with tons of high ground, and Fortress Breaker if you need to be more defensive.

    %(#35850a)[Inara]: Mother's Grace is generally regarded as her best talent. Treacherous Ground is rather buggy, and Tremors have little value at certain maps and situations. The amount of utility and added sustain from MG is just too invaluable to be forgone.

    %(#235905)[Ruckus]: Since Ruckus can have all three missiles for free now... I'm saying you should go Aerial Assault for that Mid Air Hexa Fire and triple advance for easy diving.

    %(#255909)[Makoa]: Pluck. Leviathan is kinda useless now with the CC immunity removed, Half Shell is bad since his shield is also bad now...

    Torvald: Season 3 Torv. Go Thanks, Grandpa. Your Flanker should feel comfortable with 1500 bonus health and nerfed Wrecker.

    Atlas: Deja Vu and Temporal Divide are both really good talents, depending on how Atlas is played... Deja Vu enables you to undo healing and generally gives enemy champions less safety if they group up and fail to perform well as a team, as for Temporal Divide... Who can argue with a shield that size with an infinite health?

    Raum: Earthsplitter and Enforcer are both good, just depends on how you want to play Raum


    Cassie: Big Game is really good against tank heavy comps, but Exaction and Impulse is extremely usable with the proper loadout and against certain comps... Cassie is one of the few champions that has 3 viable talents, all of them equally good in their own way. Impulse gives you burst and area damage, making enemies who clump together regret their decision, especially with Blast Shower IV or V. Exaction gives you burst if you can continually land that exaction shots, you can threeshot most DPS champions without being hit by a single shot. Big Game just screws tanks around, giving you a single shot that deals 1000 or so damage. In fact, I've heard and read that Just Breathe, her removed talent is also viable. So, Hirez must really like Cassie to give her 4 viable talents when there are champions without a single viable talent, and you're stuck with the one that sucks the least.

    Dredge: Scuttle. Despite the nerfs. However, if you're up against aerial dirtbags, you know the kind, Maeve, Drogoz... You gotta use Hurl, otherwise, you'll only be a point denial champ, that's being screwed around by enemy DPS champions.

    @TangAce said that Abyss Spike is his best talent if you can manage it properly, because it is so difficult. Though I can imagine why, and has a partial imagination in how to use it.

    Sha Lin: Recurve is the best talent generally. But believe me, Desert Silence and New Explosive Arrow can be a pain. Desert Silence gives Sha a Silence, and New Explosive Arrow enables him to cripple multiple targets in one go, and add up more burst on his kit.

    Lian: I must say Eminence will always be her best talent, reduction on Presence is just so good, that even though u can have a second Valor if u use Alacrity, but Eminence is just good. Precision is trash. With a proper loadout Eminence can mean a pretty much 0 downtime on the presence. So damn good poke and finisher.

    Willo: Blastflower greatly increases her DPS. Probably the only viable one at that. Nightshade was once Meta, while Scorn is really good if you can trap someone to suffer the damage of your seedlings. But generally speaking, Blastflower is the best, and the most forgiving talent. (Or, you know, don't pick Willo in Season 3)

    Viktor: Burst Mode gives Viktor so much more damage and burst, effectively turning him to a killing machine, whilst still being able to poke. Hustle heal is annoying and generally forces Cauterize, and Grenadier is good because it forces people to position themselves more properly. But generally speaking, in most maps, Burst Mode is the kind of card Viktor should use.

    %(#591a09)[Strix]: I am completely unsure of Strix. I will need more playtime on this guy to know his best talent. Cheerio.

    Vivian: Opportunity in Chaos. No doubt about it. Just some more raw DPS to a champion whose kit is literally Raw DPS.

    Imani: @TTraw thanks. Mana Rift if you are running Fire Imani. Splitting Ice if you are Running Ice Imani.

    Drogoz: All three are viable and good in their own ways. WYRM Jets is good if they don't have a hitscan weapon, so you can fly around and just Boom-boom the point and everyone... Fusillade to further increase your DPS. Combustible to give CC and more disruption to your high damaging kit. There's no generally best talent unfortunately. Just choose based on map and matchup.

    Kinessa: All talents are also viable. Steady Aim is a nice pickup to increase your damage, Eagle Eye is a good option so you can instakill anyone under 2100 health, whilst Reposition increases your mobility. The Reposition talent is regarded kind of braindead, so if you ask me, Nessa should use Eagle Eye or Steady Aim.

    Bomb King: Poppy Bomb Accelerant gone... Sigh. Anyway. Royal Subjects is generally BK's best talent to make an unforgiving weapon more forgiving, Accelerant to turn Grumpy Bomb into an actual CC instead of a zoning tool. Chain Reaction to increase your DPS if you can land direct hits. Royal Subjects though (generally)

    Tyra: Hunting Party, Burn Monster, and Mercy Kill are all good. Burn Monster can deny points more effectively, Hunting Party increases your team's DPS and is like pointing your finger to your teammates... "Kill that guy!" while Mercy Kill enables you to further burst someone. There isn't a generally best talent, at least not right now, despite me seeing pretty much everyone using Burn, Monster!


    Koga: Adrenaline Junkie enables you to spam dashes and pew-pew while trying to annoy everyone. Good since Koga got some spread buff. I think he can be viable in Season 3.

    %(#e815dd)[Maeve]: Cat Burglar. All. The. Way. Predation just buffs this talent furthermore honestly. As if it wasn't good enough already.

    %(#000000)[Zhin]: Smolder and Guillotine. Yomi is less useful now that Zhin gets the free range and bypass effect in his base kit.... Smolder if you're solo queueing (trust me on that one, your healer might not heal you during your billow) and Guillotine to make your ult something else other than a dash.

    Lex: Death Hastens is considered his best talent, with Discovery and Heroism closely behind. But regardless, they are both really good. Heroism is good because it gives you safety to an already reliable escape, whilst Discovery is a nice talent to pick up solo targets, despite of it's bugs.

    Androxus: Godslayer and Cursed Revolver are really good in their own way. Reversal is useful for bursting down someone, and Cursed Revolver is a weapon modifier. I miss Dark Stalker 3 charges of Nether Step.

    Moji: Toot (thanks @TTraw ) Boom Boom is also good. Can't elaborate much here... sorry.

    Evie: Wormhole. Snow Globe isn't bad by any means, but Wormhole is just invaluable.

    Buck: Bulk Up and Ensnare are both Viable and are both really good. Bulk Up useful to counter burst and poke, Ensnare to increase his burst. (Missing days when bounce house grants 2 charges) Bounce can burst someone quickly if used properly, it's just rather tricky. Most Pro Players run Bulk Up for the added survivability though. I myself am not quite sure about this.

    Talus: Inner Strength. Whilst Faustian Bargain is somewhat possible, the value on Inner Strength is just so damn good to miss out on.

    Skye: Debilitate. Greatly increasing your already high burst.

    Oh or just don't pick Skye, that's fine too, I totally respect you not picking Skye.


    Io: Virtually any Io player I meet uses Life Link, therefore, I believe it is the best... Sacrifice is also good btw, it gives Io safety and besides, you don't really need to use your fox to heal "too" much. Goddess's Blessing is also good, but it loses to Sacrifice and Life Link. Pro Players use Goddess Blessing, but I'm not entirely sure on the general best talent not being Life Link.

    Ying: Life Exchange is the only viable healing talent for Ying, unfortunately, while I was gone from Paladins, they removed the Lifelike talent...

    Jenos: Luminary. The reason Jenos still can be viable despite the slow heals. Cosmeum also viable at times.

    %(#e4e815)[Furia]: So... Furia Nerfs... This is tough... Ugh... I guess... People should go healing beam since Furia can't be that aggressive while running Cherish anymore. Still unsure. I'm gonna ask my one-trick Furia friend as soon as she comes online...

    %(#157ee8)[Pip]: Catalyst no longer works. Run either Mega Potion or Combat Medic. One gives you constant heals, the other gives you burst heals. Don't run the new Acrobat's Trick if you choose to run Combat Medic since it does not work if you heal allies. For the most part, I prefer Mega Potion because of this.

    Notes from @TangAce . Mega Potion is better than Combat Medic because it does not lower your damage output.

    Seris: This is done with some research. Apparently, people who play Seris as their main healer, but prefer to play other roles (such as tank, damage, or flank) all use Mortal Reach for the safety and duration increase. But Seris mains or at least heal mains who play Seris prefer Soul Collector by a ton. So... Depends on Preference I guess. If you want to be a healbot, use Mortal Reach, otherwise... Soul Collector.

    Snek: Sorry... %(#109112)[Mal'Damba]: Gourd OP? @DambaKing Ripened Gourd then? Still see viability of healdamba running Spirit's Chosen? I'll wait for you...

    Grohk: Damage Grohk uses Maelstrom to hit 100k damage games... As for healer Grohk, Totemic Ward. CC Immunity from Totem too good.

    Grover: Deep Roots! New Fatalis is too damn good!

    Please share yours so I can edit, thanks!

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    Add (these are more detailed than the ones you provided):

    Barik: Architectonics and Tinkerin are both good. Most people run Tinkerin, as it allows him to poke enemies from medium range, but Architectonics is also good for a more defensive close range objective-centered playstyle. Fortify is too counterable to really work all that well most of the time.

    Terminus: All of his talents are usable. Crush is good if you can easily get close enough to land a Shatterfall on your target and get good burst, Undying is good if you want a little more sustain, and Decimation is good if you need range (against matchups like Evie in particular).
    Short: Crush if you can get close, Undying if you need sustain, Decimation if you need range.

    Also, disagree on Fern. I personally usually run Formidable. The healing is actually really good especially early game to sustain more in-your-face styles of playing Fernando. Though none of his talents are really good honestly. Aegis is flat-out terrible even with the buffs, and Scorch does have great ranged damage potential, but loses out on sustain if you want to play more aggressively.

    As for Khan, Lian's Shield kind of sucks because of Wrecker, but that's about right. As for Cassie, I don't play her so I don't know.

  • Edited to match Dusklicious's opinion and help...

    Thank you!

    9 champions covered in this edit.

    Khan, Nando, Barik, Terminus, Cassie, Dredge, Sha Lin, Koga, Io

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    if ya want I could make a thread with all champs talents, but as some people create champs guides I thought it wouldn't be necessary since they talk about talents in their guide

  • Well, truthfully IMHO, a talent is relatively separate to the actual guide for the champion, as there are champions with 1 or 2 good talents, and u dont absolutely have to use the "best" talent... Fortunately, I can do much better on these now... but, I could still use some help 😄

  • Completed Tanks and added a lot more champions! Support and Flanks almost complete! Yeay!

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  • Added Strix and Grover

  • Agony Seris is garbo. From a 450h Seris main. Moji uses Toot more than Boom Boom. And Scorch Nando fallen to garbage can ever since his nerfs....

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    As somebody who plays Ash from time to time, Slug Shot is not good at all... It can be situationally useful on maps with long sightlines like Timber Mill, and even then on some of those maps, there are better options...

    Fortress Breaker is actually quite decent if you have the right build.

  • @TTraw

    I appreciate the help and comments...

    But I believe Scorch is still a very viable talent and isn't garbo. I've edited Moji's and Seris's though, thanks man!

  • Edited every frontline and gave a more detailed description.

    Especially for Fernando.

  • Dredge can use Hurl, if he has to fight against champs who attack from the air. The Harpoon can hit a Drogoz on distance or an approaching Maeve.

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    best talent for dredge is abyss spike, much harder to play tho, but wayyyy better

    stop saying that omg, tinkerin is op af, fortress breaker I'll agree with you, it's pretty good, probably the only shield wreck 3 doesn't hurt too much

    yep agony is garbage, soul collector is the absolute best
    boom boom is decent, toot is better but caut hurts it more

    scorch has become less useful compared to formidable

  • @Dusklicious said in The Champion Talents Guide:

    Fortress Breaker is actually quite decent if you have the right build.

    pls elaborate

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    @Zeebuoy Running a build like this has actually worked fairly well for me at least:

    Siege Engine IV, Heavy Metal III, War Machine II, Ramparts IV, Percussion II.

    Heavy Metal and War Machine are in pretty much any Ash build, the former for the obvious reason of more health and the latter to keep dashes up. Ramparts is there also for a rather obvious reason: to make the shield's cooldown a lot less.

    Siege Engine is really what makes builds like these work. It reduces the cooldown of your shield by 4 seconds at rank 4 when you hit an enemy with Kinetic Burst. So soon afyer your shields go down, right click and you have a shield with a cooldown of literally 2 seconds. As for Percussion, it's generally a great filler for certain maps (like Fish Market, Splitstone Quarry, etc) but in this case it also synergizes with Siege Engine, so it is great for the build regardless of the map.

  • Added detailed descriptions for most champions from a variety of classes.

    Still waiting for Kinessa, Imani, Drogoz, Bomb King, Tyra, and Vivian...


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