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  • Well, truthfully IMHO, a talent is relatively separate to the actual guide for the champion, as there are champions with 1 or 2 good talents, and u dont absolutely have to use the "best" talent... Fortunately, I can do much better on these now... but, I could still use some help 😄

  • Completed Tanks and added a lot more champions! Support and Flanks almost complete! Yeay!

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    But pls don't necro 😅

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  • Just out of curiosity, why is this unlocked after it was locked? Just a random thought

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    @AzrielM We normally Lock threads after they have been "necro'd" AKA posted in after a month of inactivity. However, this thread would be an exception the that rule. Sorry for the misunderstanding 🙂

  • Added Strix and Grover

  • Agony Seris is garbo. From a 450h Seris main. Moji uses Toot more than Boom Boom. And Scorch Nando fallen to garbage can ever since his nerfs....

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    As somebody who plays Ash from time to time, Slug Shot is not good at all... It can be situationally useful on maps with long sightlines like Timber Mill, and even then on some of those maps, there are better options...

    Fortress Breaker is actually quite decent if you have the right build.

  • @TTraw

    I appreciate the help and comments...

    But I believe Scorch is still a very viable talent and isn't garbo. I've edited Moji's and Seris's though, thanks man!

  • Edited every frontline and gave a more detailed description.

    Especially for Fernando.

  • Dredge can use Hurl, if he has to fight against champs who attack from the air. The Harpoon can hit a Drogoz on distance or an approaching Maeve.

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    best talent for dredge is abyss spike, much harder to play tho, but wayyyy better

    stop saying that omg, tinkerin is op af, fortress breaker I'll agree with you, it's pretty good, probably the only shield wreck 3 doesn't hurt too much

    yep agony is garbage, soul collector is the absolute best
    boom boom is decent, toot is better but caut hurts it more

    scorch has become less useful compared to formidable

  • @Dusklicious said in The Champion Talents Guide:

    Fortress Breaker is actually quite decent if you have the right build.

    pls elaborate

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    @Zeebuoy Running a build like this has actually worked fairly well for me at least:

    Siege Engine IV, Heavy Metal III, War Machine II, Ramparts IV, Percussion II.

    Heavy Metal and War Machine are in pretty much any Ash build, the former for the obvious reason of more health and the latter to keep dashes up. Ramparts is there also for a rather obvious reason: to make the shield's cooldown a lot less.

    Siege Engine is really what makes builds like these work. It reduces the cooldown of your shield by 4 seconds at rank 4 when you hit an enemy with Kinetic Burst. So soon afyer your shields go down, right click and you have a shield with a cooldown of literally 2 seconds. As for Percussion, it's generally a great filler for certain maps (like Fish Market, Splitstone Quarry, etc) but in this case it also synergizes with Siege Engine, so it is great for the build regardless of the map.

  • Added detailed descriptions for most champions from a variety of classes.

    Still waiting for Kinessa, Imani, Drogoz, Bomb King, Tyra, and Vivian...


  • Redesigned and made it more visible

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    gotta say I'll write all my thoughts now

    khan : lian's shield simply sucks, grab isn't bad but countered by resilience, making storm slightly better

    nando : not much to say, aegis sucks, the other 2 are okay, formidable might be a bit better

    barik : not much to say, tinkerin op, god i love barik so much thanks to tinkerin

    term : I'd say decimation is better because it gives a better burst possibility, crush is okay but people can avoid it easily or buy resilience, undying is meh

    ash : ram and fortress breaker are both good, one for off tank the other for point, slug shot can be used in some situations

    inara : only mother grace, everything else is just trolling

    ruckus : not gonna say anything, I can't play him ^^'

    koa : leviathan best if enemy has huge CC, pluck is they don't, half shell isn't bad but a good player will not feed it, they'll just wait till shield ends

    torv : just don't play torv, seriously (grandpa better tho)

    atlas : all talents are meh, deja vu probably the best as it allows you to rewind behind walls and shields

    cassie : impulse over exaction cause it add more burst output more often, exaction not bad tho, big game is great depending on enemy tanks (like if they have ash for exemple it's just op af)

    dredge : abyss spike best, scuttle pretty good, hurl is meh

    sha : I'd say recurve over explosive, simply because most of the time you'll still need 3 shots even with explosive arrows to kill, so recurve will lower your ttk, and, with recurve you keep the nice stun which is always a good point

    lian : yeah eminence is bs...wish they nerfed it even more

    willo : blastflower all the way, it's like, broken, the whole champ is broken, just don't be an a*s and don't play willo please

    vik : burst mode way better, cardio is for nubs who can only run, grenade is for nubs who can't aim, and burst mode is for nubs who can only aim, you got my point, vik is for nubs

    strix : UU is great, but, crack shot is way better, like it allows you to 1v1 a tank at close range without even caring, it also destroy shields way faster

    koga : just don't use koga, his garbage

    maeve : cat burglar is better because you can one shot combo any damage flank or support with it^^' SJ is just for people who can't aim, rogue's gambit is more than decent but a bit harder to use imo

    zhin : Yomi best, guillotine really good, smolder is useless (nah seriously when I have a smolder zhin in my game he always ends up having twice as more deaths as other people x)

    lex : death hastens is the best yeah, heroism can work, discovery is bad cause the retribution is so buggy...

    andro : defiant fist his the worst talent ^^' cursed revolver is the best, but you need to be able to flick nicely to use it, godslayer is for people who can't aim and would rather spray and pray 🙂

    moji : boom boom and toot are both decent

    evie : yeah wormhole is best, snow globe really good, over the moon doesn't exist 😉

    buck : the best would be bounce house, it's a one shot combo, harder to use tho, the 2 other are decent

    Io : life link better, godess blessing pretty op but usually needs a second support

    ying : resonance, ying isn't a support, they lied to you, ying is a flank, resoying only ying 🙂

    jenos : yeah lumi is better, binary start is fun if you are trolling 🙂

    Furia : the beam is better, but, so hard to use properly, so I'll say cherish is the best, but as someone who went master by playing only beam furia last season, I can let you say it's only viable

    pip : I'd say MP is better cause combat medic lower the damage you do since you shoot to heal

    Seris : Soul collector 100 000 times better, mortal reach only for bot healers, agony doesn't exist

    damba : not much else to say

    gurk : never-play-spirit's-domain-please-for-god's-sake ^^ totemic ward has so much more value, you deal damage (and grohk has the best dps output among supports) you give CC immunity, it's just so much better

    grover : deep root is bad, ferocity is better, blooming for healing of course

  • @AzrielM said in The Champion Talents Guide:


    Splitting Ice when running Ice stance, Mana rift when running fire. Both builds are playable.

    For stance-switching build both of talents mentioned can work, Splitting Ice because you spam those frost bombs and you can benefit from AoE, Mana Rift is self explanatory.

    Don't pick Pyromania. It was nice concept, but it's just really bad. I played Fire Imani with this because I hated Mana Rift, but man did I feel like a god when I swapped to Mana Rift instead.

    Kinessa all talents are viable.

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    @TTraw said in The Champion Talents Guide:

    @AzrielM said in The Champion Talents Guide:

    Kinessa all talents are viable.

    All of her talents are potentially viable, yes (Eagle Eye has a lot of potential with the headshot damage, Steady Aim is consistent with its damage boost, and Reposition is good to better deal with flankers). But Kinessa in her current state is hardly worth picking. sighs

    Also, from a 900+ match Barik main, Architectonics is an absurdly underrated talent. I use it most matches I play and I have a 60+% WR this season so far.

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