The Champion Talents Guide

  • Well, since there's lots to work on, it's a good idea to start now @TangAce

    I'll start with some...

    • Khan: We might see Point Tank Khan with the Wrecker nerfs, Lian's Shield might be viable.
    • Fernando: Scorch is much better now.
    • Ash: We will never play Ash ever again.
    • Terminus: Decimate might just win out to the other 2.
    • Torvald: Grandpa over Field Study
    • Makoa: Leviathan loses value, probably gonna go to Pluck or HalfShell
    • Barik: Tinkerin nerfs, would see some changes perhaps to the meta?

    • Zhin: Smolder gaining more value with Yomi kit going to his base heavy hit.

    • Strix: Unauthorized Use nerfed? Might see changes?
    • Cassie: Biggest change. Probably gonna go to Exaction, Big Game drastically nerfed, Impulse becoming kinda bad...

    • Grover: I believe with the Fatalis changes, we'll see Hybrid Grover.

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    My opinions on some characters' viable talents heading into S3:

    • Grover- Definitely Deep Roots hybrid. Rampant Blooming was already hardly meta and Ferocity sucks on live and it will still suck in Season 3.
    • Barik- Architectonics is without question the best talent going into Season 3, though a case can be made for Fortify with the Wrecker nerfs.
    • Terminus- Crush/Decimate depending on matchup. Crush in particularly will be a great counter-pick for Barik in the coming meta.
    • Fernando- Scorch. Yep, it's back and luckily seemingly not broken this time.
    • Atlas- Deja Vu. Atlas without it will be unviable with the changes.
    • Koga- Andrenaline Junkie.
    • Ruckus- Aerial Assault might be viable.
    • Ash- Just play Nando instead.
    • Raum- Might be okay with Earthsplitter or Enforcer?
    • Tyra- She's not going to be good, but if you really want to play her, Burn Monster is your only option. Otherwise, just play Vivian instead.
    • Kinessa- Reposition. Most of the really impactful buffs were to her transporter. But Strix is still broken, so she's not really going to be all that great.

    EDIT: Changed after PTS

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    @Dusklicious Viktor Cardio buffed?

    • Reduced Healing per second 400-->300
    • Scramble card will max out at 20% DR instead of 25%

    What am I missing?

  • @DaddyOoker


    300 health per second under the new Caut 3 would mean that he would heal 75 per second, not the old 40 per second.

    That's nearly twice more... As for Scramble nerfs, I think it doesn't change much

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    @DaddyOoker said in The Champion Talents Guide:

    @Dusklicious Viktor Cardio buffed?

    • Reduced Healing per second 400-->300
    • Scramble card will max out at 20% DR instead of 25%

    What am I missing?

    Guerilla Warfare [Frag Grenade]
    OLD: Gain 10% Reload Speed for 4s after Hustle ends
    NEW: Reduce the Cooldown of Frag Grenade by {0.2|0.2}s every 1s while Hustle is active.

    Also the Caut nerfs apply so the decrease to the healing is negligible. Not to mention the DR change on Scramble really isn't that big of a deal when you consider that Caut 2 isn't going to cut it anymore for dealing with the healing. On Live, Caut 2 would reduce the healing to 160 per second and on the new patch it will only reduce it to 180 per second. Also caut 3 will only reduce it to 75 per second instead of the 40 per second as is on live. Only time it will be reduced is against Caut 1.

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    my opinions

    nando scorch will be playable, but formidable remains also strong, aegis might be viable due to wreck nerf
    khan won't be point, might see more stun khan due to resilience nerf tho
    ash well rip
    term will stay decimate and still won't be played
    torv will get perma banned again
    koa will either be pluck for offtank or halfshell for point, but imo shield builds lose all value due to wreck nerf, it was good when the enemy could one shot shield, but now, I don't think so
    barik idk, might stay tinkerin, might have archi viable, it'll all depends on loadout since you can build for turrets while using tink for exemple
    zhin will be guillotine, smolder doesn't have much use if you have a proper team
    strix probably still UU or nocturnal, the no headshot from the other hurts too hard
    cassie, depends, I'd say all 3 are viable, they seem to buff exaction while nerfing the other, but exaction lack consistency
    vik will stay burst mode simply cause he needs it (for damage and distance purpose, also more consistent) I'm disappointed they didn't remove cardio tho
    for grover, I4d for ferocity simply for damage purpose, deep roots is hardly usable and the buff won't change much
    atlas I'd go for stasis field build, the new card reducing field cd seems pretty good
    koga might be viable but he still lack everything a flank needs ^^' will still be easy to kill, will go in the moji category with burst but no survivability
    ruckus will be aerial assault for sure cause it has such great value
    raum will stay juggernaught, and he's not that bad imo, just countered by CC, so in the proper situation he can be really good (I have like 2.2 kda in casual with him and an average 100k dmg per game)
    sha lin will be recurve
    furia beam on 5sec cd all the time
    seris collector meta, god I'm so gonna rekt people with her
    Io will stay blessing
    pip mega potion will be viable
    damba idk, I'd say both works
    as for ying and grohk we gotta wait
    oh and I'm definitely playing skye support now

    overall I think they have done a proper job making more things viable, but their balance still has several big issues imo (like how to buff maeve for no reason while not touching andro...or how to not nerf strix properly and making makoa more threatening)

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    @Demigod @Dusklicious

    It works out like this:

    Current: 400/s
    Caut L1(30%) 280/s
    Caut L2(60%) 160/s
    Caut L3(90%) 40/s

    New: 300/s
    Caut L1(25%) 225/s
    Caut L2(50%) 150/s
    Caut L3(75%) 75/s

    Only under caut 3 does he get more heals with the new scheme. If he's running away he may lose the caut anyway. Early game the healing will be weaker than he is now.

    Yeah, I guess the 5% DR difference isn't huge.

    Oops - I must have skimmed over the Guerilla Warfare card.

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    @Demigod said in The Champion Talents Guide:

    I'm not necroing, sorry

    But, I need help from @Dusklicious @DaddyOoker @TangAce to refresh this Talent's Guide with Tiberius, and also, all the reworks and buffs and nerfs for all the talents

    Thanks. Take your time, changes aren't permanent anyway

    I played a Tiberius match on the PTS - you can watch it here:
    Ignore the loadout - just testing.

    I already think that Tigron's Fury(2nd talent) will be my go to talent. I don't think I will get decent value out of the other two talents. I guess second choice would be the default talent if the point is close quarters like Assencion Peak. I think the third talent will need a lot of practice to get the jump distance right.

  • @DaddyOoker It appears his bounce talent is kinda crap since it doesn't do much, and the third talent offers lots of burst should you be hyper aggressive.

    I think his second talent will be go to even though it's not THAT good either...

    Huh, guess Tiberius isn't gonna be that broken after all

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    @Demigod Well that was my only match I played - I did one training match yesterday. (I bought those levels). I didn't even try the other talents after clowning around in the shooting range a few minutes and realizing how much more practice I would need to make use of them. Anyway, the stats for that match are in the happy thread - not bad for a first match and afk support.

    Broken? I think the ult will end up being nerfed in some form.

    Edit: Like CC does to Raum's juggernaut, CC kills Tiberius' mobility making the third talent useless.

  • So all and all we need to do more shit on this talents guide.

    I also need to rewrite almost every loadout I've written. Damn, my life sucks.

  • @Demigod Technically replying to myself

    I cant edit this guide since it isnt mine anymore...

    Gotta start a new thread then? @TangAce

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    wait, you made a second account? why?

  • @TangAce You C

    The Hirez login bugged after I logout, I cant login for the past two weeks

    Therefore, I needed to use my Gmail... it is in the rant thread tho

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    just send a ticket lmao, should only take a day or actually nevermind, it's hirez, it'll take at least 6months :')

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    This post is deleted!

  • I'll fix this ASAP in accordance to Season 3 changes...

    It's done, still needs more work if you ask me...

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    @Demigod said in The Champion Talents Guide:

    Snek: Sorry... Mal'Damba: Gourd OP? @DambaKing Ripened Gourd then? Still see viability of healdamba running Spirit's Chosen? I'll wait for you...

    I haven’t use the ripened gourd, I still use spirit’s chosen even after the nerf

  • @DambaKing Interesting

    We'll see bout that later... KEK

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