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    When I'm up against a Maelstrom Grohk he seems unkillable here I am trying it and I feel like I'm made of glass.

    Anyone have advice on how to survive better with Grohk?

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    use the self healing card at lvl 5, if you need healing, right click then ghost walk, and gg you are full life again^^, also you have totem to heal you as well, ghost walk clean caut so that's why it seems unkillable

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    Guess you didn't check the loadout - self heal card is already maxed out.

    I Ghost Walk to survive Viktor's ult only to be slaughtered immediately afterwards. They destroy my totem instantly. Crappy placement maybe.

    Anything else?

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    grohk sucks anyway, enemy has a blaster with caut 3 and bye grohk

  • I like Gale + Haunting combo basically I have totem up almost all the time. But then again, I use Totemic Ward and its been a while since I even play my Grohk.

    You could try Gale+Haunting combo tho, having more survival kit is always good.

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    @Gao-Shun said in Grohk help:

    I like Gale + Haunting combo basically I have totem up almost all the time. But then again, I use Totemic Ward and its been a while since I even play my Grohk.

    You could try Gale+Haunting combo tho, having more survival kit is always good.

    Same here - that was my first Grohk match in a while. I have another loadout that is more hybrid. I'll have to look at it more closely to see what I'm giving up or make a new one.

  • Doing good with grokh is a lot about understanding what makes him good and then not picking grokh vs the teams that wont let you do what makes him good. Grokh is not an intuitive champion for many players, ppl tend to get way too aggressive with him and they tend to play him too indepently rather than in constant close cooperation with their teammates, often the tank.

    Some basics:

    -Grokh is not a fragger and hes not the type of char who can wander of own on his in order to setup and ambush or something. Instead Grokh enables kills by doing a lot of damage over time, while constantly self healing for large amount and healing teammates too. In short: Grokh has very good sustain.

    -Grokh is good vs barik and inara because they use deployables and big slow tanks who cant block shock pulse (ruckus,torv) can get pretty melted by him too. Hes also good vs healers with deployables like io and ying.

    -Grokh is at his best when he can play behind the tank in his team, not in the backline, totem healing both himself and the tank whose shield and body protect grokh while hes spamming shockpulses thereby healing whatever damage gets past the tank and ends up on grokh. All the while being aware of the nearest corner he can escape to should the need arise. The more shock pulses grokh can land the less pauses he needs from firing his weapon and the faster his ult charges.

    -Grokh should never solo heal, nor should be main heal. He's not a strong off healer in terms of consistent healing output but a well placed Grokh ult is likely to decide the outcome of a teamfight on its own being a massive aoe heal that also grants a movement speed boost while slowing the enemies making them sitting ducks. It is a strong ult and grokh charges it far faster when hes allowed to hang out between the back and the frontline churning out shock pulse after shock pulse.

    -Grokh can work with both double tank and double support. Just make sure you have someone with pretty good range and ability to finish off hurt enemies as 2nd dmg/flank, and dont pick two point tanks, one tank needs to zone and pressure.

    -I prefer going with a solo tank, but it cant be any tank or any second healer, they all need to have great synergy.

    Example of a good combo: Terminus+Corvus+Grokh+either grover for cripple+a flanker or a long range dps like lian,cassie,vik OR just more damage or a flank. Term starts by buying nimble 1 and 2, he then gets 15% constantly from corvus mark making him fast and hard to zone out. Grokh plays pretty close to shock pulsing from behind him while ready to toss out 40% mobility totems whenever needed. With Corvus mark on terminus at all times corvus doesnt need to be where term is most of the time. Mark+totems heal enough to keep term up mostly. This frees up koga letting assist other teammates directly in the fights. Also: If the terminus has 2 extra points into moving faster while shielding he will be able claim space incredibly fast just pushing forward, creating immense pressure, it also lets him attack deeper while still making it back alive.

    Another good combo: Ash+Grokh+Jenos+Grover+viktor/vivian/cassie/lian

    This is a team for a stage where there will be a lot of long ranged fights. Ash is a not a typical solo tank, but her ability to ward of and even chase down and best long range dmg dealers by using slug shot means she could become a threat at any point even while shes sitting on point. Jenos marking ash makes a bigger difference for her than one would think too.
    This team looks like it cant cap point or do enough damage to kill anyone, but it can do both. You simply let the enemy cap for a little bit while you look for the first kill which shouldnt be hard to get with grover locking people in place allowing grokh to get free shock pulses going and allowing jenos guaranteed ult hits. Ash is kept alive via grokh totems giving her an extra escape (or the ability to chase down stragglers)+constant jenos mark and by grover and grokhs ult.

    -Hes bad vs tanks with big shields which cover a large area for a long time preventing grokh from spamming shock pulse (Terminus is the worst culprit since he has the most shield up time but all the shields that block shock pulse suck for him. With Inara and Barik its compensated for by their deployables giving free shock pulse bounces.

    -If you do end up in a 1v1, grokh can be pretty bad at them, then attempt to body block your totem if the enemy tries to destroy it, when the enemy starts shooting you instead immediately stop body blocking it: only rarely will the enemy go back to killing your totem thereby letting you get the most of it.

    -Despite being bad 1v1 grokh can destroy in a 2v1 due to the combined sustain of totems and shock pulse and the 1500+ dps he can reach on a single target which is also eating half the total shock pulse bounces.

    -Grokhs cards are strong, so having a good deck really matters, shock pulse self heal is required for grokh to work at all, should be at 4 minimum but maxing it is better imo. Grokh also has a severely underrated card that is quite overpowerered in my opinion. More on that below where I go more in depth on some other grokh stuff;

    The best thing with totems arent their healing...

    With the right card maxed at 5 grokhs totem will provide anyone inside their healing range with an extra 40% movement speed. Max this, with it you will not need to waste any other card slots for mobility purposes. If you also purchase nimble, which you should most of the time then you have massive mobility available on a short cd. You do not want to waste any other cards on mobility, its not worth it they are not nearly as good. Default ghost wolf is more than fast enough with nimble 3 and the ability to add totems into the mix.

    Moving that fast makes people miss you a lot (Ive survived for ages 1v5 by totem healing myself, shock pulsing and jumping around enemies) and it also makes grokh less reliant on ghost walk for survival, its another way of escaping danger which he doesnt have without the cards. The fact that people will miss you more means there will be times when the enemy doesnt have you cauterized meaning you get more full heals. And even a small window with no caut can mean a full heal due to the totems constant healing and shock pulses potentially massive burst heal, its easy to add in rank 1 liferip since its cheap and can be bought along caut during first round.

    But let's talk about how speed boosting totems are good offensively: Grokh can pop a totem to run down opponents who would have otherwise been able to escape. Grokh is actually a lot more dangerous with 40% movement speed totems. Grokh quickly reaches 900dps if hes able to keep the crosshair on a particular enemy, with speed totems grokh can chase you making it impossible to get away from making it so that grokh can keep attacking you with his dps never dropping below 900.

    The movement speed also lets you play more cocky than you otherwise could. This is good, grokh is constantly looking for the right positions, such as ones where he can keep unleashing shock pulses whilst supporting his teams tank via well placed totems as well 1v2s where grokh get the opening shot and then wins by opening with a shock pulse followed by a totem quickly followed by another shock pulse; healing like an ulting grover while being difficult to hit at the same time (with nimble 3 its ridiculous.)

    Some more info about specs: Shock pulse heal card should also be maxed. Btw. Then you should have one extra point into the card that gives you 150 shield for 3 sec (making it 300) when falling below 40% hp or close, this lets you survive more burst damage than five points into raw hp would. Its almost the same thing for way better value, the shortcomings of the shield (its cooldown and its duration) are rarely a problem in practice. Other healers with similar shield cards have weaker versions lol.

    As for ammo; If your not hitting a lot of shock pulses you are either playing grokh wrong or you are playing him against teams which he is not good against. 1 extra point into the card which makes shock pulse recharge your staff is enough for you to never run out of ammo if your constantly firing shock pulses as soon they go off cd. And even in different fights where youre not able to have shock pulses bouncing constantly your ammo should usually last enough to kill someone in the enemy team. Another reason grokh doesnt really need more ammo is that he shouldnt be running around shooting his weapon in places where he cant get shock pulses bounces anyway.

    Good Grokhs stay close to their teammates looking for opportunities for synergism via totems or ult. Good grokhs also know that they are pretty weak 1v1 despite being able to handle 1v2, all because shock pulse requires two enemies to work. without shock pulse any decent flank/dmg dealer with a little caut will be able to kill grokh before he can kill them, even without abusing grokhs poor range. Although its worth mentioning that there are some characters which get hard or partially countered by grokh (due to them relying on deployables) even 1v1, there are just many more who beat him easily with a little caut. Grokh is also terrible at long distance shootouts, but he gets around that by poking only when he can shock pulse and clever usage of corners in order to place totems that cant be destroyed from the enemies angle,
    Good grokhs are constantly looking to avoid situations he sucks in while looking for those in which he excells, it is paramount that you understand grokh well in order to be able to do this.

    Btw Grokh lacks burst damage so he tends to get fewer kill than other flanks/dmg dealers, but thats how it is supposed to be. A Grokh player can have half as many kills as they have deaths while still having played good since its all in the assists, grokh enables his teammates to kill by putting a big strain on their healer and shock pulse can reach far into the enemy backline weakening it for flanks. A huge weakness of grokhs is long range damage, he does shit dmg over long ranges: cassies, lians, viktors.. and others destroy him easily if hes caught away from cover. Now good grokh players understand this and thus they avoid ending up in situations where these weaknesses can be exploited,
    Although its worth mentioning that there are some characters which get hard or partially countered by grokh (due to them relying on deployables) 1v1, there are just many more who beat him easily with a little caut.

    Then you need one extra point into the card that increases the bounce range of your shock pulses. You actually dont want to put more points into this except perhaps on some larger stages vs very specific teams. Having a limited bounce range means the shock pulse tends to keep bouncing between the same two targets for its full duration thereby concentrating its damage. If youre sharing a shock pulse with 1 team mate and the grokh who did the pulse is firing at you simultaenously hes gonna fire a another shock pulse very soon and you you die very very fast because under such circumstances grokhs dps is up there with ult Vivian dps. But the grokh, unlike vivian, is healing for massive amounts from his totem and shock pulses while also taking less damage by being hard to hit because hes stacked nimble 3 and 40% from totems so chances are hes fine even if your teammate is shooting at him and youre fucked regardless because if you try to run then grokh can put out another totem letting him catch up to you. If it does seem like grokh is outmatched he can stack the default ghost wolf mobility bonus with the totem one as well as nimble 3 to get away very quickly. I dont know how the diminishing returns work exactly but Im guesssing hes close to 60 with nimble 3 and totems, then you gotta add another chunk of speed when ghost wolf is active.

    But thats just what the totems do for grokh. Try to imagine what they can do for your team. Throw one on a tank and you not only heal them but you make them fast enough that they can run for cover quickly should they need to, letting them live in situations they wouldve otherwise had died in. It also lets them lash out onto enemy players who come to close underestimating the speed of the totem boosted tanks. Playing grokh+terminus is especially satisfying, ridiculous, with corvus or grover adding another 15 or 25% movement speed. It also works rly good with simple high dmg champions like moji or vivian, as well as a couple of characters whose one source of mobility is run speed for instance Torvald or the aforementioned Vivian. There is so much more you can do with these 40% totems, but I cant get into it all.

    Grover can also provide a 4 sec 25% mobility buff to all in his heal range while he heals, and grover can work very well with Grokh. On small stages this is insane. It is incredibly hard to deal with enemies which move twice as fast as you.

    Youre not only using totems on tank though, their utility is mindboggling, there's seemingly endless ways to use them. Throw a totem in front of a dpser chasing an enemy and watch them catch up with said enemy and killing them. Be 4 ppl standing on point when terminus shatterfalls you from nowhere, throw out a totem and have everyone easily outrun him.

    Once you go 40% movement speed totems you never go back. They open up a whole new world of possibilities.

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