Best Team Composition?

  • So i made this post to give my opinion and ask you guys what you think the best team composition on paladins is.
    Heres mine:
    Inara - She is a very sustainable tank with a LOT of dmg reduction and a nice amount of crowd control she is a very good point tank and is able to withstand a lot of enemy damage.
    Makoa - Another sustainable tank. Many call him the best tank (which explains why he is banned a lot of the time in comp) . His hook allows him to focus certain characters when on point for instance the opposing support and take them out. His ult is a game changer as he can go from practically 100 health to full and wipe out whoever is on the point.

    another notable tank is khan but i wouldnt include him in mine.

    This was a hard decision
    Tyra - She is one of the best damage champs out there and her hunters mark legendary card and fire bomb is game changing. These 2 paired up allow her to dish out high amounts of damage in a few seconds, allowing her to shred whoevers on the point and backlines.

    A close second would be Cassie since she is also another bursty character but requires a high amount of accuracy to use.

    This varies based on playstyle but i am going to base it on my experience
    Furia - When she uses the pyre strike card her heals are immense. She can spam her right click and then send in her pyre strike to heal the tanks from 100 to full health in a few seconds this puts her at a very high value on the team. Furthermore she is also a good damage dealer especially for a support and her ult can be the reason for a win/capture.
    A close second would be either seris/maldamba but yet again it depends on the playstyle.

    Zhin - with his yomi card he is able to deal high amounts of dmg through a crowd of enemies. In the right hands Zhin can be very powerful, his ult allows him to single handedly take out a significant opponent (the support) and so help his team get the victory

    A close second would either be buck/andro but yet it again it all depends on playstyles.

    What're your thoughts? I used a basic 2 tank, 1 dmg, 1 support, 1 flank, team layout.

  • Forgive me for my bad english... my best composition I would take 2 tanks (one point taker and one support tank ie..inara mother grace and thorvald field study), 2 healer (jenos luminary and series stun) and one damage ie. Tyra markship....the combination of thorvald field study shield and jenos luminary given to tyra will add to her marks will make her damage and survival overpowered...while series will pair with inara on the points....thats the best combination afaik....

  • Terminus as point tank
    Bomb King as damage
    Maeve as flank
    Grover as heal
    As 2nd tank maybe Torv or Makoa.

  • For me, personally, it usually doesn't matter much what characters we choose, but what matters is if we are communicating and working together to complete the objectives.

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  • The "best team composition" depends on what map you're playing and what the enemy team is running so there's really no definite answer to this. Best thing i can think of is something like Khan, Barik, Jenos, Cassie, Tyra/Lian, but honestly almost all of that could be just as well switched over to something different.

    The most important thing is having counters for the enemy and making sure to pick stuff that works together. Picking Jenos just because he is meta but then pairing him with Inara is an easy recipe for a loss.

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    Crash Override is the closest.

    I agree with the Inara/Jenos comment he made.

    The best team comp is the one that wins 🙂

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    first you can't call a double hitscan or double blast the best compo
    then as said before it all depends on map, and on what enemy is playing

    I'd rather say there is no best compo, however there are good champ combination, mostly duos, like jenos+barik, cassie+bk, evie+strix, stuff like that

    then as said before, you gotta think about the support you have, like you can't take any tank with jenos, same for pip, while pip will do awesome with a term, with torv he wouldn't do anything, exactly like inara doesn't go well with jenos

    of course you also need to think about the bans as well

    ideally I'd say, furia/damba + inara + khan/koa + cassie + bk
    simply because it would work on almost any map, that inara is best played with furia but damba works too, damba being better for off tank like koa, then cassie and bk are probably the strongest damage, and unlike tyra they can handle themselves against pretty much anything, unlike evie or maeve they aren't really map dependent, of course this compo allows free cap without any problem while the offtank and dmg can put more than enough pressure, damba and furia are also the supports less dependent on their team, as they have good dmg/cc, and so on
    of course there is the other type of compo being the jenos one
    jenos + barik + ash/koa + cassie + willo, easy it's rather easy to see, barik is the best tank pick to go with jenos, ash is aggressive enough and her ult is op af, and she can retreat easily so she won't die because the lack of burst healing, cassie with the dmg buff can combo most dmg and all flanks to death, willo provide the early caut to balance from jenos being rather weak in early

    of course I'm taking into account that atlas is permabanned, same for torv, let's stay realistic, of course koa or khan are often banned as well same for jenos and willo

    so as a team that would never be banned

    Io + barik/nara + ash/nando + cassie/lian + a random pick depending on enemy, maeve/evie prefered

    simple enough, you got heal, shield, deployable, very annoying especially in early, somewhat not that aggressive, but rather strong, Io can full heal pretty fast when no caut, cassie and lian are op hitscan who can deal with mostly anything, evie and maeve are annoying af for enemies, the tanks pick are rather obvious

    of course with Io plus cassie or lian it's a nightmare for an enemy flanker, while Io plus nara or barik is basically tons of point pressure

    anyway it all depends on what you are trying to achieve and what you mean by "best" some people prefer early teams other late teams, some prefer focusing on point pressure while other are rrather aggressive

    a point pressure team would rather have a tyra and a blast like willo or dredge but it would be weak against very aggressive team for exemple

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