Changing voice pack

  • In previous versions of Paladins there was an option to use any voice pack with any skin. So why not give the players that option again

  • I would say that it would make the game more complicated to program and manage and more difficult to resolve glitches and programming errors. I could be wrong. But also, it can make the game more confusing for some players and others might find it distracting and too amusing in the middle of a serious battle. Again, I could be wrong.

    Heck, some of my champions and my announcer say some pretty funny things that I actually laugh out loud, especially if I haven't heard it before in the course of a battle. Thankfully, I have continued to manage to "keep my eyes focused on the road".

  • Iirc Jay Flare mentioned in one of his videos that they're talking about adding that feature back. Hopefully parts and pieces won't be far away

  • I've added a thread recently about it. It would be pretty cool to have heads, body, weapon and voice constumized again. I feel like skins just lost all their value because if we have one, we won't be using the other therefore there's no reason to buy it

  • PC

    I don't really see how part and pieces will be able to come back, just for technical issues
    but the voice pack mixing was truly great and had no reason to go away

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