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    Hi! I'm Lukash
    I'm Paladins Poland & Realm Royale Poland admin
    In addition, I'm a graphic designer, so I can make strange skins recolors like Fernando Milos ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    Hello Borvik!

    I am EinMeister. I finally got my second chance to use a paladins forum. I like LoFi hiphop, i main Zhin and i watch a lot of anime.

  • I am Maeveinator, I am a skilled maeve main.

  • Welcome everyone o/

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    Hello everyone!

    I'm Peinzius and I have an Animal Crossing addiction!

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    Astaledia ❤ call me Asta. I enjoy streaming my weird games and I love watching anime. Nice to meet you all ~

  • PWNDotcom (or PWND) and I love Terminus!

    Like, it's kind of a problem how much I love him. Help.

  • InfernalSeris, people call me Twinkie sometimes. I enjoy onetricking Drogoz to oblivion and love to meet people all around the world. Nice to meet you good sir/maam/helicopter scrolling through these comments!

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    Hey, my name is Riley, and I go by nadallama in-game and on discord, I'm a huge fan of the game and have been playing for a few years now. I have fallen in love with the community around this game, and plan to stick around as long as possible!

  • I just go by the name Conrad Max (Conrad_Max), created long before the internet. For security and privacy reasons I never share my real name online.

    I've been gaming since the 1970s. I'm a retired twenty year Veteran. Originally from California, I now live on the east coast. I game pretty much every night after 2200 on my mic'd up PlayStation 4. I whole heartedly believe that communication is everything. That communication is a very important, yet often abused or neglected, asset to online gaming.

  • Justin and I use an Avali as my fursona. Muffins.

  • You can all call me Black (or Wind.) I've been playing since the game was in Beta but put it down shortly before Season 1 launched. Back when I played in beta, I mained Cassie when she still had her original bow then swapped to Tyra. I didn't play hardly at all during Season 1 but IO really piqued my interest and after playing her for a few days, I'm here to stay!

  • My name is Stas. I spent 2k hours just by playing Paladins. I think I should stop playing so much.

  • I am Chiva, partnered with EvilMojo and the creator of Realm Community Nights. The biggest optimistic guy you have ever met!

  • In game name same as here. Lifetime gamer, owned the original Pong machine... that certainly dates me. Love Paladins. Every game is different depending on champion played, team composition etc. Well, I’ve said more than I was supposed to. Hi to all.


    I serve as the Juggernaught of the team, often serving as team protector or line holder.

    I come from (Australia) the land where fire rains from the sky.

    Been apart of Unreal Engine FPS games since original Unreal Tournament.

    I try to be the screaming voice from the Front Lines of combat, because I have a lot of fun there, dealing with every mechanic this game has, adapting and adjusting around them.


  • Hey, I am Dribbleondo. Massive nerd with 755 hours in the game (and rising) with a penchant for making nerdy Paladins analysis videos.

  • Heya! I'm hella impressed with the new Forums!
    Anyways I'm IamRick in game and Iamrick1996 in the old forums.

  • Hey guys ^^ my name is Mechii, i'm delegate of Assembly of Champions 2019. I love this game and also make some art about it too. I already have 2767 hours playing Paladins; i think our community can keep growing and be better if we try to be kind with other players.

  • My name is Boris. I love buck.

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