Champion Concept: Trainmageddon - The Conductor

  • Well this was a thing that happened, just gonna go and just push away all my work on champion concepts away with a fresh coat of paint eh? Not even gonna give me a heads up about it. Thankfully I was able to find a read mode of the old forums and am gonna start transporting my concepts here. (Though to be nice and not just flood the place I will space them out and will not post any that I find outdated)



    Role: Frontliner
    Health: 5200
    Speed: 360

    Full Steam: Steam Ward now deals an initial 300 damage and deals knockback on activation.

    Blazes of Hell: When you use Coal Core, you gain 40% movement speed and your attacks reduce enemy healing by 45% for 1 seconds for the duration.

    Chugga-Chugga: Each consecutive strike with your fists increases your movement speed by 10% ( Up to 60%) For 4 seconds. Each hit resets this timer.

    Weapon - Fists: Punch your enemies with the strength of A THOUSAND TRAINS!
    Range: Melee
    Damage: 500 per hit (Direct Damage)

    Iron Hull: Gain 150/300/450/600/750 Health.
    Oiled Gears: Cannot by slowed below 40%/50%/60%/70%/80%.
    Rampage: After getting a kill or elimination reduce the cooldown of Locomotive by 0.5s/1s/1.5s/2s/2.5s.
    Bolster: Increase healing amount by 20%/40%/60%/80%/100% if health is below 2000.

    Alt-Fire - Coal Core: Trainmageddon shoves a pile of coal into his furnace, recovering 500 hp instantly and another 500 over the course of 5 seconds. During this his melee attacks deal an extra 20% damage.
    Cooldown: 16 seconds

    Polished Steel: After using this skill gives Trainmaddegon Damage Reduction for 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%.
    Refined Fuel: Increase the duration of Coal Core by 1s/2s/3s/4s/5s.
    Highline: For every 500 health you heal from this skill you reduce the cooldown of Steam Ward by 1s/2s/3s/4s/5s.
    Block Signal: Gain a barrier of 150/300/450/600/750 health for 4s after using this skill.

    Q - Steam Ward: Trainmageddon blows a large pile of steam that surrounds him, absorbing up to 40% damage for the next 6 seconds.
    Cooldown: 14 seconds

    Cumulus: Increases the duration of Steam Ward by 0.5s/1s/1.5s/2s/2.5s.
    Scald: Nearby enemies take 25/50/75/100/125 damage per second.
    Slip Stream: For every 1000 damage you absorbed reduce the cooldown of Locomotive by 1s/2s/3s/4s/5s.
    Blastpipe: Increase amount of damage absorbed by 5/10/15/20/25%

    F - Locomotive: Trainmageddon charges forward, taking the first enemy champion he hits with him, dealing 200 damage to them on impact and another 800 if they hit a wall and slowing them by 30% for 2 seconds.
    Cooldown: 12 seconds

    Drift Handling: Increase directional control by 15%/30%/45%/60%/75%.
    Rocket Booster: Increase distance by 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%.
    Hit the Buffers: Increase the duration of the slow effect by 1s/2s/3s/4s/5s.
    Rolling Stock: While in Locomotive he gain 10%/20%/30%/40%/50% damage reduction.

    Ultimate - CHOO CHOO!: Trainmageddon goes full train for the next 8 seconds, during this he ignores 50% of all damage and doubles his movement speed. Hitting an enemy champion during this will deal 750 damage and root/cripple them for 2 seconds, consecutive hits will only deal 250 damage and apply the cripple.

    In the heat of the driest desert, a large dust cloud can sometimes be spotted darting across the sands. In the coldness of the glacier keep, one can hear a roaring engine in the wrath of the frozen storms. And, if you are lucky (or unlucky), you may catch a glimpse at the being that is behind it all, known simply as: Trainmageddon.

    Trainmageddon's origins are considered an enigma, what little has been revealed by him (and how true any of it is) was that he was created to be a superior transportation machine for a bunch of gnomes, however he "learned" that the gnomes were actually "gremlins bloated with evil" that were to use him for their "inferior gremlin schemes". So as such when they weren't looking he "delivered train-based justice", and has since then begun his quest to deliver pain to those worthy of hearing his "Whistle Battlecry"

    As for his reasons of stopping at Crosswind Hold? Well as he puts it, he has decided that he needs to deliver more Train-based Justice to the champions he deems inferior (ex. everyone)


    The Anniversary Comic

    Starting Round:

    1. "There is no light at the end of the tunnel That is just me, coming to deliver justice, to your face!"
    2. “I will break all inferior Champions. First up is... Everyone.”

    Buying items:

    1. “Fists of Fury!”
    2. “Muscles of Steel!"
    3. "Legs like Lightning!"


    1. "I could get us there faster!"
    2. “Forward ho!”


    1. “Om nom nom.”
    2. “Delicious!”


    1. "Can't let you do that!"
    2. “You will never harm me!”


    1. “Here I come!”

    Allies hear: “It's training day!”
    Enemies hear: "TRAIN BASED JUSTICE!!!"

    Skill on Cooldown:

    1. “I can't do that.”
    2. "Wait.”

    Under Fire:

    1. “Is that a challenge?”
    2. “Pathetic!"


    1. “You can help me this time.”
    2. “Excuse me?”

    First Blood:
    "Speedily done!"


    1. "Justice Delivered!"
    2. “Eh, you didn't need that spine.”

    Kill Taunts:

    "Chivalry? Hah!"
    "Your pride was always your downfall!"

    "I can just break through!"
    "Rocks? More like soggy paper!"

    "You wasted your knowledge on evil!"
    "You may stop working, but I won't!"

    "Tresspassing! Back to the sea!"
    "I protect this land! Step off my turf!"

    "Are you... like me?"
    "Good. That green thing was annoying."

    "Don't even think about it."
    "Hands off!"

    "I don't think that snake is safe."
    "Voodoo is a strict no-no!"

    "What did you expect from a punched mirror?"
    "I'll show you shatter!"

    "I don't know anything about the Abyss, but it sounds evil!"
    "Ah hah! No sneaking off now!"

    "You looked bulky. I thought you'd take a few more."
    "The snap of wood, the snap of villainy!"

    "Stop thief!"
    "Now, to return these to the proper owners."

    "You can't shock this machine!"
    "Don't look so shocked. You never stood a chance."

    "The hero claims the victory! Hah hah!"
    "You could get a whole pack, you'd still lose!"

    "How dare you disturb nature!"
    "Am I too big of game?"

    "No more bounties for you!"
    "This is not the right job for you."

    "Maybe learn how to use that!"
    "Run on home, kid."

    "Greed will destroy you!"
    "I'm confiscating his gold for... evidence."

    Bomb King
    "You are beaten, tyrant!"
    "You're no monarch! Viva la revolucion!"

    Sha Lin
    "I guess I'm better than legions!"
    "I'll grind you into sand!"

    "Oh crap!"
    "No! Get a defibrillator!"

    "Espionage! Guilty of death!"
    "A mere assassin is no match for me!"

    "Street rat!"
    "You have no place among Champions of justice!"

    "Witchcraft! WITCHCRAFT!"
    "Burn at the stake! Or... Just get punched."

    "Murderer! Here is your punishment!"
    "The ultimate criminal beaten."

    "Woah. Teach me to do that!"
    "We could have been friends..."

    "Iron burns faries, but steel crushes them flat!"
    "Fragile little thing."

    "Such beauty... It's a shame she took you, dear cannon."
    "Wait, you aren't actually a Machine? I've been lied to."

    "You and your guild are a plague upon the realm. I will cure it."
    "The flames of your blade are nothing compared to the flames inside me!"

    "I don't care for your meatbag conceptions of rank or royalty."
    "How dainty, how lovely, how fragile, how worthless."

    "This is what meatbags call a god? I'm unimpressed."
    "I'm the star of this show, not you!"

    "Whoops. Didn't see you there."

    "The fists of justice cares not about a meatbag's race."
    "Obnoxious lemur!"

    "You will see justice friend, I'll ensure it."

    "Even with your little ward, you still got hit by a train."
    "Once I find out who your friends are, they too shall taste JUSTICE!"

    "Begone three headed beast! Your magic is useless against justice!"
    "I have saved you small mage... Um, hello?"

    "That for attacking Ascension Peak, WITHOUT A LICENSE!"
    "Your fists are huge, but you lack the justice to guide them!"

    Match begins
    "My fists are ready. Bring it on."

    "Fight me to my face!"
    "Sniper! Get behind me!"

    "They're behind!"
    "Turn around!"

    "Look! In the sky!"
    "Watch out above us!"

    "Bomb! Bomb!"
    "Stop that cart now!"

    Front Line
    "Why are we not at the front?"
    "Help out the Tank!"

    Using Weapon
    "Take that!"

    "Ha ha ha! I am back!"
    "Guess who!"

    "Let's use these already."

    Top Play
    "Look! It's me! IT'S ME!"
    "Surprise, sucker!"

    Unlocking Champion
    "Let's fist bump! On second thought, maybe not."

    Buying Cards/Cosmetics
    "I feel better than ever!"

    Death lines
    "My explosive love..." (Ash)
    "Good one, my friend..." (Buck)
    "I betrayed you..." (Lex)
    "Don't let him touch me!" (Barik)


    1. “Thank you for your donation.”
    2. “Your action is noted.”

    Escaping with low health:

    1. “That was a poor choice.”
    2. "I cannot stop fighting!”

    "My gears!"

    "Nobody burns me but me!"


    1. “I can't lose!”
    2. “Justice never fails!"

    Point captured by the enemy team:

    1. “Evildoers! I will crush you!”
    2. "Uh, should we stop that?"

    Capturing the point:

    1. “There was no chance of failure!”
    2. “Hah! Exactly as I suspected!”

    Losing the battle:

    1. “We must never speak of this.”
    2. "Quick, someone pinch me!”

    Winning the battle:

    1. "You should have quit long ago!"
    2. “Taste my steel fists, scum!"
      3."And so, once again, the day is saved thanks to me!"

    [VER You Rock]
    “You are a great sidekick!”

    [VEG Greatest]
    “That's how it's done!”

    [VEW Woohoo]
    Whistle Battle Cry

    [VEA Awesome]

    [VEJ Joke]

    1. Whistles the "Thomas The Tank Engine" Theme
    2. "Do you know why it's called Justice? Because it's just us, kicking your ass!"
    3. "How do I eat? Well, I just chew chew."

    [VET Threat]

    1. "Trainmaggedon smash!”
    2. "My fist, your face. It's a match made in heaven."
    3. "You should have TRAINED more!"

    [VVGS Curses]

    [VVGT That's Too Bad]
    "That's absurd."

    [VVGW You're Welcome]
    "My pleasure!"

    [VVGB Bye]
    "Trainmaggedon, Away!"

    [VVGO Oops]
    "Oh. That's not good."

    [VVGG Good Game]
    "You helped!"

    [VVGN Nice Job]
    "You can follow my example!"

    [VVGH Hi]
    "Hello, meatbags!"

    [VVGL Good Luck]
    "Break a leg. Preferably their's."

    [VVGR No Problem]
    "Fear not."

    [VVS Sorry]
    "Uh, I meant that!"

    [VVT Thanks]
    "Thanks, citizen!"

    Trainmageddon Announcer Pack

    Lobby Created: Pick whoever, you won't beat me.

    Customize: Let's give you a little tune up.

    Battle beginning: Gear up, and let's get this done!

    15 Seconds to Battle: Are you all ready for this?

    Battle begins: On to glory!


    First Blood: That's one down!

    Double Kill: Two in a row!

    Triple Kill: Three? Woah.

    Quadruple Kill: Wait. What? Four?

    Penta Kill: Holy- Five? How?

    Hexa Kill: Uh... That's more than you have enemies to kill.

    Killing Spree (3): Good.

    Rampage (5): Crush them!

    Unstoppable (7): Keep up the momentum.

    Savage (9): Nobody's standing in your way!

    Immortal (11): Absolutely unbeatable!

    Godlike (13): HAHA! HAHAHA!

    Annihilation (15): I'm going to admit it. You're just barely as good as me.

    Won Capture Point: The tracks are laid to victory!

    Victory: I never doubted you for a second.


    First Blood: I guess we don't really NEED them.

    Double Kill: We've got two down!

    Triple Kill: Really? We lost three?

    Quadruple Kill: You better not be a failure like the rest of your team!

    Penta Kill: Each and every one of you has failed.

    Hexa Kill: Each and every one of you has failed. Twice.

    Killing Spree (3): It's fine. No big issue.

    Rampage (5): Um... What?

    Unstoppable (7): Do I need to come there and deal with that myself?

    Savage (9): Really? Really?

    Immortal (11): You'd think we'd have dealt with that!

    Godlike (13): Useless.

    Annihilation (15): Screw it. I'm done. Sounds of a mic moving followed by a train barreling into the distance

    Lost capture point: That is a bomb. Please don't let it reach our base.

    Defeat: I knew I should have done this myself.

    (And just for some added flavor, a sketch of a more detailed Trainmageddon from Mr. GroovyArt)

    Fancy Drawing

    And now to go through the rest of my champion concepts to figure out which ones come to the new forums and which ones stay forgotten :V

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    YAS!! thank you for transferring this over... Im gonna reread this concept daily.

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  • @CMS said in Champion Concept: Trainmageddon - The Conductor:


    Dread it. Run from it. Trainmageddon arrives all the same.

  • You are joking right this is tank with highest hp who with 5 card get 100% healing boast at 2k health
    60 damage reduction with 5 card for 4 second (inara has to sacrifice 1 ability and talent to get 50% damage reduction and 30% healing boast) and then it has movement speed to 60% as tank do you know what is nimble 3 terminus
    you are posting a joke champ right?

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    @tact65 said in Champion Concept: Trainmageddon - The Conductor:

    You are joking right this is tank with highest hp who with 5 card get 100% healing boast at 2k health
    60 damage reduction with 5 card for 4 second (inara has to sacrifice 1 ability and talent to get 50% damage reduction and 30% healing boast) and then it has movement speed to 60% as tank do you know what is nimble 3 terminus
    you are posting a joke champ right?

    Yes it's a joke champ, always have been, but I think only people from old forum can understand what trainmagedon is

  • @TangAce said in Champion Concept: Trainmageddon - The Conductor:

    @tact65 said in Champion Concept: Trainmageddon - The Conductor:

    You are joking right this is tank with highest hp who with 5 card get 100% healing boast at 2k health
    60 damage reduction with 5 card for 4 second (inara has to sacrifice 1 ability and talent to get 50% damage reduction and 30% healing boast) and then it has movement speed to 60% as tank do you know what is nimble 3 terminus
    you are posting a joke champ right?

    Yes it's a joke champ, always have been, but I think only people from old forum can understand what Trainmageddon is

    Well yes and no, it's a bit of a joke champion in that it's hype nonsense, but it is a legitimate champion concept. Just that you know... It's been almost a whole year since any actual form of balance was done to his skills, talents, and cards and it's easier said then done to do that when the concept in question is a pure melee champion with no form of ranged attack in any part of it's kit. Honestly that is something alot of people seem to ignore with Trainmageddon is that while yes he is a bit silly and full of ham he is an actual concept for a character that I would love to see Evil Mojo contact me and work with to get added into the game. Like that homage with Khan's Overload skin was nice but it's not the same IMO. Hell IIRC it wasn't even an intentional homage as apparently Trainmageddon was never brought up or thought about when making said skin. I mean way back in Smite's history I was the starting point towards Bakasura getting his Feaster Bunny skin, it wouldn't be the most impossible thing in the world.

    Apologies in advance for that blob of text, been in bit of a funk since yesterday, and something like getting the message of wanting to work towards making Trainmageddon a reality is a nice little idea that would throw me out of said funk.

    (And not to through anyone under the bus, or train in this case, but I never actually did the cards it was someone else, but like hell am I gonna go through 70 pages of a thread to find the one guy to point the finger at)

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    @Lord-Tekron If anything, Trainmageddon needs a buff.

  • @CMS said in Champion Concept: Trainmageddon - The Conductor:

    @Lord-Tekron If anything, Trainmageddon needs a buff.

    Like, non jokingly needing a buff or legit balance wise needing a buff? Life has been distracting me from playing the game in a long while so I am not certain.

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    @Lord-Tekron Haha, jokingly. I'm just joking around.
    Hope you can get some chill time soon though. Relaxing is always needed. ^_^

  • is a train man ,the only thing that comes to mind is the simpsons chapter when ralf gives the train letter to lisa.
    the idea of ​​a train in a champion is not viable, no champion of the game is a machine.

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    @usuariodelanoche said in Champion Concept: Trainmageddon - The Conductor:

    champion of the game is a machine.

    Hum, technically, BK is a machine, ruckus is a goblin in a machine, terminus is a dead stone, and it's not even the weirdest champs