Character Concept: The Lost Astronaut

  •          An Astronaut: Lost In Time and Lost in Space

    Have a character in a bulky space agency spacesuit that hides what sex the character is and a helmet with a tinted visor to hide facial features. This will allow for two sets of voice packs, one male and the other female.

    As for a mount, why not a lunar buggy?

    The astronaut was originally part of a small envoy seeking to make peace with aliens, but, due to equipment malfunction, became lost and crash landed in The Realm. He/she will only be armed with a space agency secretly developed test blaster (for close battles) and rifle (for distant targets), just in case the aliens he/she would have met turned out to be hostile. He/she also carries a powerful force field that had taken some damage during the initial crash and cannot be repaired. Thus the shield will not last forever and must constantly be recharged. Remember, he/she is an astronaut, not a developer or technician.

    As stated above, as the sex is hidden due to a bulky suit and tinted helmet visor, two types of voice packs can be used representing male and female. Voices can include radio chatter, tin can sounds, clicks, squelches. It can also include phrases such as, "Huston, I have a problem!", "I'm not lost in space, it's just that my GPS is out of whack!", "I'll send you to the darkside of the moon, buddy!" and whatever you can think of.

  • I instantly love it.😍

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    I instantly love it.😍

    Thank you! You're the only one besides me.