Buck - a guide for the coolest monk ever

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    Buck is the most unpopular of all flanks. He is underestimated like other champs who play different as their class is played usually. The common tactic of a flank is speed plus burst. Run and jump around as fast as possible so they will miss their shots, burst down your target, run away. Rinse - repeat.

    But Buck is slow and he has a dps of 700. No wonder he is so unpopular. If you storm in with him like a Lex or Talus then you wont have much fun with Buck. But once you figured out how to play him, at levels below Diamond Buck can be almost immortal. Especially if your aim and reaction is not very good (like mine) one can still be very effective with Buck. Finally I could take revenge for all the times, those countless times, I got bullied by kids playing Talus or Lex, hahaha - what? It's funny. How this works to be invincible with Buck I'll try to explain in this guide.

    Bild TextSkills and Talents of Buck you find here at the wiki. The Talent I use is Bulk up.

    Bully and Giga Siphon: The cards with lifesteal I don't use. He has his self-heal so he doesn't need it so much.
    Deep Breath: Activating Recovery Grants you {6|6}% Damage Reduction for 2s.
    Momentum: Heroic Leap grants {6|6}% Damage Reduction for 4s.
    The Damage reduction cards are key cards. If he jumps forward to attack 30% damage reduction is a nice advantage to defeat the target. Deep Breath helps to survive the heal but it can also be used midair before an attack. With 2600 HP and around 50% damage reduction Buck can successfully make frontal attacks on other flanks/damage with higher dps.

    Reconstruction: Reduce the cooldown of Recovery by {1|1}s.
    This is Buck's third must-have card. He can do a full heal all 5 seconds with it what is his only way to defeat targets with better damage.

    Rapid Sustain: While below 50% Health receive {5|5}% increased healing.
    Vigor: Activating Recovery generates 1 Ammo every .5s for {0.5|0.5}s.

    These are good filler cards. The other cards are either useless or better in combination with the Ensnare Talent.

    My loadout: Reconstruction and Deep Breath on 5. Vigor and Momentum on 2. Leg Day as filler. I tried out Momentum on 5 and in some situations it's great but all in all Deep Breath 5 seems more reliable.

    Buck unfortunately has one of the worst ultimates. It's mostly useful in two situations. In a one on one duel situation and also to make damage on a tank from a position where the other team can't focus you.

    First pick is Cauterize like with all flanks. Haven of course. Some use Deft Hands but I don't. Without Vigor it might be a good pick. My last pick is usually Life Rip. The 4th item depends on the other team, Wrecker vs torv, Resilience vs BK, Bulldozer vs Ying, Illuminate vs Skye, if none of these I pick Chronos.


    The main trick of Buck is the peek-shoot-hide technique that is usually used by damage champs with low fire rate. Peek around the corner, shoot, hide. Again and again. This is so effective with Buck not only because it reduces the incoming damage while he can still do full damage, but also since he can heal himself all 5 seconds and the corner will block cauterize.
    Cauterize is Buck's Kryptonite. But if he manages to prolong the fight and get his self-heal he will win. A corner is not necessarily a wall. Everything helps. A column, a big vase, whatever obstacle is close enough to the opponent to do good damage.

    Buck is more about good positioning than about good aim. If he reaches a good position he is almost impossible to kill and there is still his jump if things don't go well for him.

    The Jump
    Buck's jump is a great escape. Press F first and Q next since you can heal while jumping but not jump while healing. Whenever you jump into an obstacle you drop down like a rock and then you are dead. So plan ahead. Fighting in houses is risky but works quite well cause of the many corners.

    Walk in and jump away is the best method to make kills with the Bulk up Talent. But if you decide to try out Ensnare, the jump-attack becomes more important. If you manage to hit a headshot and a netshot before you even land next to your victim... but then, why do you play Buck with such a good aim? After your target goes down you then have the same problem as Drogoz when ulting - you'll die next. On KamiVS site there is a vid where he tries out all 3 Talents of Buck, there one can see very good the differences.

    My few encounters with players on diamond rank gave me the impression that Buck is not very effective in high skill matches. But better meta seems to indicate that he is still good at Diamond and above.

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    I'd like to add it to the list, but it kinda misses the other 2 talents gameplay so...

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