September Rage Thread

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    @a_a said in September Rage Thread:

    Again, level 999 dredge.

    No, the Zhin was champion level 163 - This Dredge is account level 999 and in a party with a noob account level 10 Maeve - a smurf from the way she was playing. My whole team was basically toilet paper. Here's the match if anyone is interested.

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    Ok, thanks

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    This time I'm on the good side of things: (Tyra again)

    Looks like my Maeve went bot or sucked. Possibly 4 of the enemy went AFK. Enemy IO did ZERO healing? WTF

    Is IO still causing crashes?

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    I swear, if the selfish paladins players stop being selfish.
    The game will be much better than ever

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    paladins is rng game
    if your teammates have brain you win, if they pick barik and flank or they pick ash and only rush point you lose, if one decide to afk you lose, if one decide to pick drogoz and have 1/3 of your damage you lose, if the last pick zhin instead of tank and dies 25 time you lose

    pure rng

    doesn't matter if you are good or bad, doesn't matter if you have 3kda with 10 solo kills, you'll still lose to rng

    the only way to have posititve winrate is to play with your friend smurfing

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    So I was playing Vik against a Strix and an Evie that focused me NON-STOP... I literally couldn't do anything, because every time I would try Strix would either two-shot me or Evie would get behind me and distract the f*** out of me while bursting me until I'm forced to run and still die anyways. 😒

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    First two ranked matches this split are both losses because of moronic and toxic teammates! WOO-F***ING HOO. In the second one, the first pick on my team banned BARIK instead of you know AN ACTUALLY GOOD BAN and another teammate of mine inted. He went 5/21/9 playing f***ing Drogoz. I KID YOU NOT. 😡 Can my other three placements not be $#!+?

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    I might forgo ranked this split. I don't play ranked enough to get anywhere, the MM is sometimes beyond ridiculous and then add the moron factor. For me the only thing going for ranked is the ability to counter and if the morons refuse to pick reasonably then what's the point?

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    Third game of ranked, and it's another loss. I had a more toxic than usual Lian (In my experience, Lian players are ALWAYS toxic, but this one was especially bad) and the other was playing Imani without Cauterize and feeding (and dealt less damage than me when I was playing Ash against a f***ing high mastery ATLAS, because you know he counters Ash insanely hard, instead of playing Fern who doesn't have that problem because my idiot team thought I was throwing by trying to pick him at all and said TORVALD would be better)... My healer was a Ferocity Grover (Instead of Rampant Blooming like anyone with any degree whatsoever of common sense would have used), and I had a cringeworthy Barik who couldn't point tank worth a $#!+ (Seriously, even if they couldn't Ash, we should have swapped because that Barik was still REALLY bad... Like I swear I had to point tank half of the game because this guy couldn't, at all...).

    Can I please get a ranked game where I actually have a CHANCE of winning and don't have to deal with trolls and feeders? And not one where I end up reporting two or three of my teammates because they're seemingly trying to lose?

    EDIT: Because of matches like these I only ended up placing Silver I. AFTER GETTING PLATINUM IV LAST SPLIT. Ugh. I still had bad matches even in the games I won too... UGH! 😒

  • Just had to sit for about 30 minutes to screenshot 3 guys on my team raging at me and harassing and insulting me all game long, then rearrange the pictures chronologically, then file a huge report against them all because they didn't like my pick and threatened to get me banned over it.

    This is only my 3rd ranked match this season. This is why i sometimes question whether or not it's worth dipping into that toxic pool of players for 5 matches to get my gold chest.

    Literally at 3/5 of my placement matches and these kids are calling me so many names i'm almost positive they're gonna get a suspension when hirez reads the report and sees my screenshots. SMH.

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    I have an opinion on a champion, so an elitist apparently has to correct me in the most condescending way possible, while making stuff up in the process.

    Seriously, criticism is one thing, but that... is another totally seperate thing. It's downright insulting instead of constructive. 😡

    Edit: Whatever, stay toxic if you want. 🙄

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    I'm taking so much time trying to help people who totally don't care and only insult me

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    How hard is it for Ash to buy items? I even said something in the chat. What's with all the Godess blessing IOs lately? It's useless - cut it out. By some miracle we win anyway. Un friggin real.

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    @DaddyOoker said in September Rage Thread: (I'm the winning Tyra)

    How hard is it for Ash to buy items? I even said something in the chat. What's with all the Godess blessing IOs lately? It's useless - cut it out. By some miracle we win anyway. Un friggin real.

    Playing ranked lower than Platinum in a nutshell.

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    @Dusklicious It's quick play but still - account level 125 can't buy items? Gimme a break.

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    If too much more of these utterly terrible games where my teammates are dumb as a box of rocks while I have actually COMPETENT opponents are going to happen, I might just say screw Ranked. I'll just stay in Silver II because I'm losing basically every ranked game, and it's always because my teammates are totally worthless. 😒

  • Click play > wait the game load > pick a champ > load the match > kicked to title screen > reconnect > kicked to title screen x 9

    While my internet was fine. very cool Paladins very cool

    One of the main reason I don't want to queue for ranked is cause about half of my losses came from my teammates or me DC, and I dunno how many wins I got from the other side having a DC. seriously, fix your server.

  • @DaddyOoker said in September Rage Thread:

    Anyone want to bet on the chat working properly after this update?

    when did the chat break?

  • @Dusklicious said in September Rage Thread:


    best bet is to keep distance and nible to strafe dodge.

    stay unpredictable, it prevents the super annoying blink into the air and shoot down tactic

  • @comatosekitty said in September Rage Thread:

    threatened to get me banned over it.

    I assume they also claimed their uncle/dad works at hirez?

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