Canary, the Gunslinger

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    LORE: Canary's life has been a rough one from the start. From the beginning, she always found herself in trouble with the Magistrate's lawmen. She always had to break their laws to survive on the streets after the deaths of her parents at a young age. She's had to go underground for the sake of her own survival and safety from the overly-zealous lawmen in the streets above. The leader of the people above may be a beautiful woman in her eyes, but she could see the darkness Lian harbored. She, after catching wind she was being hunted by Lex, ran away. She ended up in the Shattered Desert, where she'd meet the love of her life, the sister of the Moon Goddess, Io.

    Species: Human Side: Resistance
    Friends: Io, Tyra
    Rivals: Maeve, Kinessa
    Enemies: Lex, Khan, Lian

    Role: Damage
    Max HP: 2200
    Movement Speed: 375


    Left Click: Frontier Pistol- Canary shoots her large caliber revolver once every second, dealing 800 direct damage to the first enemy hit. This weapon has a magazine capacity of 4. This gun takes .4 seconds to reload the first round, and .2 seconds to reload each round after the first. This weapon can headshot, and drops off at medium range.

    Right Click: Dynamite- Canary lights the fuse on a few sticks of dynamite (channels for .8 seconds), tossing them forward. The dynamite explodes on impact with a surface or an enemy, dealing 600 area damage (radius of 12 feet). The dynamite may also be shot with your in-hand weapon mid-air to detonate it, dealing 40% of Frontier Pistol's damage in addition to the dynamite's damage, all in non in-hand area damage. This ability has a cooldown of 10 seconds after detonation, and can store up to 2 charges.

    Q: Whip- Canary uses her whip, dealing 600 area damage to all enemies within a line 5 feet in front of Canary. Enemies hit by the whip are stunned for .5 seconds. This ability has a cooldown of 4 seconds.

    F: Tumble- Canary tumbles forward 6 feet. This effect does not stack. This ability has 2 charges, each with a 5 second cooldown.

    ULT: Challenge- Canary challenges the enemy closest to your cursor to a fight to the death, taunting them and causing them to move forward and attack Canary for 5 seconds with a minimum duration of 1 second. During this time, Canary also deals 30% increased damage to the taunted enemy. Challenges cannot be declared on enemies behind a wall, on enemies further than 30 degrees from your cursor, on enemies more than 30 feet away, or on stunned or banished enemies (while a challenge cannot be declared, you cannot use the ultimate). "It's fixin' tah be high noon!"


    One in the Chamber- This weapon's magazine capacity is increased by 1, and reloading each round after the first takes 50% less time.

    Explosive- Dynamite now also deals extra damage to enemies hit by the explosion equal to 10% of their maximum health over 1 second (5 tics) in damage that ignores shields and DR.

    Tumbleweed- Tumble now has 3 charges instead of 2, and grants 20% increased damage, which does not stack per dash.

    Another rough concept in a rougher format. This is meant to be a duellist that can also apply a large amount of pressure with her Dynamite ability. She's somewhat in the vein of Cassie or Lian when it comes to the sort of character she's supposed to be. She's supposed to be focused on burst output more than duelling potential, though that's also strong in her kit with her Whip as it can allow her to have a really high burst when combo'ed with a couple of Frontier Pistol shots. Her Tumble (If anyone's played LoL, yes it is inspired by Vayne's ability of the same name) is supposed to a way to simultaneously engage and increase her burst output. And her ultimate is great either to guarantee a burst kill on a target, or to forcibly distract a threat to her team. Also, yes, the lore pretty much says she's a lesbian, and it would even have an impact on the lore as well if that can't be told.


    (+)- Responses to feedback

    • Whip damage nerfed, range and stun duration buffed (makes the whip more consistent while dialing down her burst).
    • Also gave the damage amp on Tumble a maximum duration.
    • Also clarified the workings of Dynamite.

    • Dynamite reworked. Now has 2 charges instead of 1, only deals 600 damage at base, and additional DPS from shooting it mid-air is decreased by 60% (also can no longer be detonated by allies), cooldown decreased from 16 seconds to 10 seconds for each of 2 charges. (+)
    • Tumble no longer provides damage amp at base. Instead, its cooldown is reduced by 1 second per charge.
    • Challenge's taunt duration decreased from 6 seconds to 5 seconds, damage boost increased from 20% to 30%. Minimum duration increased to 1 second. (+)
    • One In the Chamber reload speed nerfed from 50% less time for each round after the first to 25% less time for each round after the first.
    • Tumbleweed now grants a 20% damage amp instead of cooldown reduction. The damage amp does not self-stack.
    • Explosive talent no longer makes the dynamite's initial damage ignore shields and DT and instead grants bonus DoT. (+)

    "Dynamite would not be fun to play against in its former state, especially with a Strix on the enemy team along with the Canary. The damage is also getting nerfed in general so it isn't absurdly oppressive for a single use. But in exchange, its cooldown is being drastically reduced, and it can generate 2 charges.
    Tumble was basically a discount version of Cassie's Dodge Roll with Exaction... The problem is, is that's really better suited for a talent. So, I swapped the CDR off from the talent into the base kit, but gave the talent the amp in return.
    I've heard input on Challenge seeming like a weird ultimate for a damage champion, and I mostly disagree (I agree it was in need of adjustments though). Challenge is designed quite specifically to allow Canary to isolate targets, and potentially to burst them down. Now I'm emphasizing that damage amp while decreasing the duration to be more in line with that philosophy. (I only needed to reduce it by 1 second by the way, because Resilience is a thing that exists in this game that totally counters this ult). It is a very unique and essential part of her kit that will be here to stay.
    One in the Chamber would be an absurdly powerful talent that would just make Canary's DPS a little absurd in its consistency. Now it's just a bit less.
    Explosive now grants that DoT you wanted, @AYYDIMITRI. The problem is if it applied this DoT at base, the damage would be either too good or would feel too weak at base. Also, applying over an area would not work for the workings of this effect entirely and it would feel too much like Ashe's from OW. It's supposed to be more burst oriented than that. So, I put it in a talent, and also made it a better tank shredding option by making the damage max HP based.
    Overall, these changes should somewhat lower her damage potential, but slightly increase the consistency of that damage as well as the consistency of her mobility."

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    I like reading damage champion concepts.

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    @a_a said in Canary, the Gunslinger:

    I like reading damage champion concepts.

    I also have one for a tank.

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    Yes I've read it

  • This concept is really good. I dont know what to say about the io and canary ship. The ultimate was confusing me a bit but its ok. I think it either needs a tiny buff on range, or more detail like can players affected use their mobility skills while moving forward or does it cripple? And if Canary moves in another direction, will the enemy player still go the same direction or move towards her? Other than that, her base kit seems a bit op and strong enough that she doesnt need much loadout cards. Maybe nerf all her cooldowns a tiny bit and shift it to future cards.

  • All I can say is you could brew this one for longer...

    Idk about the current state... feels like a harder hitting cassie with a stun to deny folk of abilities, and a big grenade.

    Overall anything that resembles Ashe and Mcree from overwatch has to to have some ajustments to make it seem different. As overwatch champs are basic asf.
    That said... I do like ashe's sustain burning damage, and wish it was applied more often in paladins for longer durations.

    That does give me an idea though... what do you think of 2 charges of dynamite, that deal less damage, instead they favour burn for DoT reveal, additional dps and pressure... Part of the art of damage is enemy calling and sight control... Think of the potential utility things could have from that perspective.

    As for the cassie roll extra damage... oooof.... it hurts alot...
    I think there is room for another type of mobility here.
    Personally I think the whip has better potential for a unique mobility, making it like a grover vine but with a few differances, such as the target stun perhaps and not pulling you all the way to location for an examle sounds fun.
    But honestly imo, this is all character and ability concepts, so fiddle with something that toys with the game in a cool and crank way.

    As for dynamics of the whip stun... I reckon save the, near instant close quarters stuns for supports and big boys. It is more of an ability drop tool, in CQC but as a grounded damage you will get boned going to the dive with it... thus the mobility concept... to create a constant fear of the whip, and allow it to act as a dive or retreat tool... idk man....

    As for the taunt... SINCE WHEN WERE YOU A TANK COMRADE?
    I feel like a guy like term would like that more... giving his kit... I can't see it with this one though. Damage ults are usually heavy zoning... or running away with pressure... I do not think taunts provide an entertaining gameplay feature and tunnel vision plus forced movenent is a makoa hook in another sense.

    My half assed concepts would be something like, cripple slow DoT caltrops... or you pull out another pistol or another weapon.... shotgun with fire rounds.... drink whiskey and gain auto aim briefly (dead eye).... or something... I just do not feel like a taunt works on a duelist, more for brawlers.