Willo's talents

  • Willo is viable already, but still not balanced. Her Blastflower boosts her weapon damage by a ton, so it's too important to her to deal decent damage. Her base weapon damage is low, this is why the other talents not work as well.
    The overpower of Blastflower is clear if you watch her talent's winrate: it has 10% more than the other. Players feel it, this is why her best talent has 93.2% pickrate. I wish you feel how giant number is it.
    The other talents has realy low pickrate and winrate under 50% so these needs a low buff too.

    I suggest to reduce Blastflower's damage boost duration from 5s to 3s, but also reduce her cooldown of Seedlings and Dead Zone from 15s to 14s.
    Cassie's Big Game gained a similar dmg boost druation reduction for make it less frustrating to go against. The cooldown reductions could a little bit balance it and help out the other talents for make them viable. Play with lower cooldowns is always feels freer and carries more variable playstyles than just use the weapon shots too much.

  • PC

    Hi-Rez already has plans to nerf Willo by reducing some of her previous buffs down to a more reasonable level, most particularly the insane Flutter buff they gave her.

    PS: F*** no to the Dead Zone and Flutter changes suggested here.

  • Blastflower is just too easy to reap the rewards from, compared to the other two, which are directly linked to 15s cooldown abilities.

    • "Nightshade" just deals 500 damage, which is just basically your basic attack over a wider area. There could be other things done to Dead Zone to make it worth picking, like boosting allies' healing rate or granting lifesteal or cauterize immunity or damage reduction to your team while inside...forget about Scorched Earth existing
    • "Scorn" is good (not great tho'), i used it a lot, when i couldn't land consecutive shots, but now that is relatively easier. Seedling is a gimmicky attack to begin with.. and easy to avoid in lot of cases, it's a good zoning tool, but not so reliable damage one, even with its own "Accelerant".

  • Personally, I would prefer Deadzone's damage to be dealt over time with an inital blast damage tag.
    Damage over time would be mitigated as poison, and effected players based upon their Max HP of upto %5 maxHp = damage/sec, something low due to the high anti heal factor.

    Seedlings talent, additional burst damage is an underwhelming talent concept on this ability. Personally I would like a longer duration and proximity detonation like land mines or something.

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