Concept Champion : Revan - The soldier of the future / Damage

    • Info:

    -Name: Revan - The soldier of the future
    -Health: 2200
    -Role: Damage

    • Abilities:

    1. The pest:

    -Increasing rate of fire.
    -Time to reach maximum rate, 2 sec
    -Start 150 dmg/ 0.5
    -End 150 dmg/ 0,1
    -25 ammunition

    2. Rocket launcher: (15 sec)

    -Turns the pest into a rocket launcher in 1 sec
    -1000 dmg
    -zone damage
    -1 ammunition

    3. Sniper rifle: (15sec)

    -Turns pest into sniper rifle in 0.5 sec
    -1000 dmg
    -Pierces the enemies
    -1 ammunition

    4. Steel combination: (15 sec)

    -It becomes insensitive to damage for 1.5 seconds
    -May continue to attack

    5. Ulti: The disintegrator:

    -Transforms pest into disintegrator in 2 sec
    -Pulls 5 time explosive sticky bullets
    -Bullet explodes 1 sec after impact (enemies or obstacles)
    -1000 dmg
    -Zone damage
    -Max time, 7.5 sec

    • Talents:

    1. Futuristic technology:

    -You convert 50% of the damage to health

    2. There is no time:

    -The time to reach the maximum rate is reduced by 25%

    3. Rapid change:

    -The time to be able to transform weapons decreases by 30%

    Thanks for reading. I invented other champions, I’ll be happy if you read them.

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    Unbalanced as f***, and I really do not like kits like these at all because you'd have to literally change the character's workings completely in order to make them viable without breaking them.

    The most obvious problem is the lack of a movement ability. How is this character supposed to escape potential bad situations? How is it supposed to engage? It doesn't help also that there isn't CC in the kit, but most damage characters have no CC anyways.

    Also, these ability concepts would be insanely hard to balance. Though I think a good lot of them are underpowered as they leave extended periods of invulnerability. I do like the base weapon's idea, but the DPS potential just isn't there, and I'm assuming it's supposed to function like an assault rifle type weapon, but I can't see it doing well as one. Not to mention the whole concept as with the other concepts really make for very difficult things to balance.

    Futuristic Technology is basically a broken version of Tyra's old First Blood talent, which eventually just got put into her base kit because it really didn't make for much of a talent (plus at the time she was literally one of the worst champions in the game). That is to say that's a heck of a lot of lifesteal and lifesteal talents without anything else to them are very boring talents.

    Rapid Change I assume reduces the cooldowns of the weapon transformations by 30%. The very presence of this sort of ability either makes it broken or the base kit not work. In order to make it powerful without breaking anything, you have to keep the base kit extremely weak, which really isn't healthy at all.

    Though There is No Time seems really nice, it also seems like the periods where he's extremely invulnerable without literally two talents (this and Rapid Change) at the same time are absolutely huge, though just buffing the champion in this case would break its damage potential.

    This reminds me way too much of Vivian, who's already a heck of a lot of trouble to balance and probably my least favorite champion in the entire game from a design perspective for a lot of the reasons stated above.

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    @Dusklicious Please try to be less hostile when giving feedback on other people's champion concepts!

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    @Peinzius said in Concept Champion : Revan - The soldier of the future / Damage:

    @Dusklicious Please try to be less hostile when giving feedback on other people's champion concepts!

    😕 I don't see at all how I was in any way hostile there. It's just such a badly designed concept in my mind and there's so much that's very wrong with it.

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    I don't like the concept of having multiple weapons like this

    also you lack tons of stats to really see how it would be, just reload time would say a lot more

    the ult seems rather op (kinda feels like press a button get penta kind of ult)

    not much I can say about it with so few infos

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