Russian community

  • Bonjour que pensez vous faire de la communauté russe ???
    je ne fait que constater que cette communauté passe son temps a insulter ou troll les game

    nous devrions pouvoir choisir les joueur provenant de pays que nous souhaitons ou pas rencontrer.

    je sais cela donne mauvaise image et pourtant je ne suis en aucun cas antie russe ni autre les joueurs report mais les agissement sont toujours les mêmes

    ces joueurs vont en ranked avec des perso de lvl 0 sont afk insulte cela dégrade la jeux ce message est destiné au développer je reviendrai lire les réponses que ci elle son constructive ou ci un développer a répondu bon jeux a tous

    Hello what do you think of the Russian community ???
    I only notice that this community spends its time insulting or trolling the game.

    we should be able to choose the players from countries that we want or not to meet.

    I know this gives bad image and yet I am in no way Russian antie nor other players report but the action is always the same

    these players go to ranked with characters lvl 0 are afk insult this degrade the game this message is intended to develop I will come back to read the answers that it her constructive or a develop it answered good games to all

  • Easy solution: they just need a server/region where they can thrive on, separate from the rest of the EU.

    It's not just RU players that do that, there are tons of people that are unwilling to cooperate, communicate and only enjoy the game when there is someone raging
    (can't bully enemies = start harassing teammates instead).
    The stereotype of a rude, unapologetic player that insults everyone in their native language exists for a reason and sadly some people have embraced it as their persona.

  • Online gamers generally choose servers that have an active community and fewer technical issues. That could mean using the server(s) of another region. Forcing players to be stuck in a server ghetto does nothing for the players and the game. And if we don't want to team up with abusive or neglectful players, make friends and team up with them.

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