Entering Paladins game failure

  • It's has been like this for a week and a half....
    I don't know why, but i can't log into my Paladins game (I'm a pc player) after 20:00 (IDT).
    The times I can play only are the mornings and the afternoons.
    I already send 2 costumer support ticket but i didn't help....
    Please help me. I can't play at all (almost) and I don't know what to do anymore. It's never happened before (at least for me, I'm playing paladins for a year...)
    Hi-Rez studios / Paladins / EvilMojo - PLEASE DO SOMETHING WITH THAT ISSUE!
    You said twice that's my internet problems (which is not true) or my pc problem (which is not true because it's new)....
    If I'm not the only one who had this issue too, please replay to this bug report. I'm freaking out that nobody listens to me (EVEN PALADINS) for report about something important!
    *BTW - stop saying that the servers are full of people - because they are always full and no way that alot of people started to play lately at the exact same time....
    (Another continue after the image)
    Thank you for paying attention ♥ 😢 20190830230812_1.jpg
    *Another BTW - this picture was taken after 30 minutes of waiting for Paladins to open the game itself.... Sad huh?

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