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    Jenos is one of the strongest supports in the current meta, being able to heal up to three allies at once, and granting them a 15% damage amplification. His ability to heal through walls allows him to play extremely safely, he has a movement speed boost to quickly escape danger, and a powerful ultimate capable of turning a teamfight in your favor.


    For Jenos's loadout, the cards Retrograde and Astral Cycle are more or less mandatory at 5. This gives you the maximum uptime on your marks, making them last 2.5 seconds longer, and removing 2.5 seconds from the cooldown. Lightyears is typically your level 3 card, giving you some extra range. On larger maps, I tend to run Lightyears on 4, and Astral Cycle at 4, sacrificing some of the duration for the extra 10% range. For your level 1 cards, you usually want Relativity, your self-healing card (this is fine at 1 because Jenos is such a safe healer) and any level 1 you would like. I prefer to run Heavenly Pull for the extra Void Grip range, it comes in handy quite often.


    In a high level of play, you want to be running Luminary every time. Jenos doesn't have burst healing, or very high healing output overall, but his ability to grant bonus damage is second to none, and is literally the only thing making him viable in the current meta. Binary Star hardly changes your overall DPS, and Power Cosmeum just isn't worth giving up the damage amp for.


    With Jenos, you usually want to build into Chronos. Once you have Chronos 3, you can look into Haven or Blast Shields if you are being poked at often, Nimble if you are being pressured, and Morale Boost if you are not being pressured and allowed to freefire from the backline. If your team doesn't have much Caut, it's a good idea for you to grab some as well, due to Jenos's hitscan weapon he is quite good at applying Caut.

    Gameplay Tips

    A very important thing to remember when playing Jenos is your heal rotation. In the early game, you will be able to have two marks up at a time, and once you get to Chronos 2, you can keep up 3. You need to be aware of who is marked, when they were last marked, and who is about to run out. You want to avoid healing someone twice in a row, and try to avoid healing people who are out of combat. Your heals are most effective on people in or entering combat, so they can take advantage of the dmg amp you can apply. It's ok to let somone heal up out of combat, if you are focusing heals on your allies currently fighting. Your Grip is a very useful tool to single out an enemy champ, and focus them down. It is important to remember that the use of a movement ability breaks the Grip, so it is best to Grip an enemy once you know they have used it. It also important to note that Grip will cancel Andro dashes and Ash's charge. Jenos's highest skill ceiling ability is his ultimate. It can either be a complete wiff, or change the course of a game. Jenos's ult is very good to throw down passages where you know the enemy can not escape, into common lanes of approach at the beginning of a midfight, and into tight point fights, close to the end of the capture. Also, I like to use it to flush a Barik out from under a Dome Shield. It will do a good chunk of damage to the Turret, and the Barik will be forced to either leave the shield to avoid it, or just eat the 2400 damage.

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    Nice guide, although I'd advice only chronos 2 then building up caut then chronos 3 before defensive items
    other than that I've got nothing to say, jenos anyway is pretty basic

  • I miss the old jenos, more aggressive and not just spam marks and running.

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    @xsXS99 It was unfortunate that with the aggression people would often just fight and not heal.

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    It's also fun ulting other ulters like Victor, Drogoz, Imani, and BK. It's so satisfying to pull off. And ulting snipers is like icing on the cake. It's not even a waste since you gain ult charges quickly.
    Although I will add that you should use your ult if there are more than two potential victims. Getting a triple kill or more with it is very good.

  • @nadallama I find that these tips are very effective for people who need to surpass themselves like me who don’t really have a very good game-sense. I would tend to say that the Chronos 3 is not necessarily beneficial in the 1st and 2nd rounds, especially since it only takes away a fraction of a second.

    In my opinion, I do not find Power Cosmeum especially since the skill of Jenos is not always used and that we cannot use our Healing on allies in need at the same time and I think that Binary Star is just useless because a support even with a very large potential of damage is not supposed to kill the Carry especially as it distracts Putting the Astral Marks on the allies that it requires for the ally to pick a second tank.

    Tell me if I'm wrong or something similar.

  • The only thing I disagree with is buying Nimble. Nimble doesn't stack with the movement speed of Stellar Wind, so it's pretty much useless. Chronos 2 is necessary, Chronos 3 is pretty expensive, so you might spend your credits on something else, like Caut as you said, or even Wrecker, if the enemies have 2 shield tanks.

  • I play JENOS often. As a healer on point. My deck is organized to target low life enemies, lift them up and wait my allies finish them. It.'s very useful against flanks. So I become an offensive healer. I know enemies can get out of my control, however, rare are the players in front that will put 3 against that. 1 or 2 maybe. In the end, Raum is blocked, same as Maeve... Same as invisible enemies you can't see in reach, put them up because your suspected them to come that way. He can do much more.

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