More Crystal Weapons (Concept/Suggestion)

  • I know people enjoy the crystal weapons (Scatterstar and Scattermaw for Jenos and Androxus respectively). So i've made some iteration for champions that i think would be cool.


  • PC

    this is very nice, I do hope they make other weapons like that
    the evie one looks quite weird but maybe it's just me

  • PC

    I can’t imagine a crystal snek

  • I know right...

    I thought we were going to have a whole series of these things, with skins and maybe map concepts & further on.

    I would really like it if they worked on some skins to match them.

    I want skins that stay within the 4th wall of the realm of power fantasy.
    Crystal Goloms, Jade Statues, Crystal Energy Weapons.

    I would also appreciate it if we could have some skins with a colour modifier pallete option, to make the skin worth it.

    These crystal weapons would be epic as a part of that system...

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