Should this game have a sequel?

  • So today after logging in for a quick session my game crashed on me in the very first match I got, and as I sat there looking at the frozen screen I got to thinking, wouldn't it be easier to hire new coders and make a brand new game that has all the best parts of Paladins but without all the spaghetti code and other issues plaguing the game currently?

    I believe the devs themselves said that it's hard to fix bugs because all the people who made the game aren't working with them anymore so it would only make sense to start over instead of trying to patch a ever expanding hole with nothing but duct tape and hope.

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  • It's way too early for all that, it'll just be the same game with a spit polish. Most PC fps games can go on for years with repeated updates and bug fixes, and never actually introduce a sequel.

  • @OriginalEquinox sequel? this is a service game, it does not even have an campaign mode, everything new can be added through events, dlcs or merely updates; it doesn't need a sequel, it will be a waste of money and time.

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    It's first off way too early, and secondly, I just don't see the point of one.

  • @WDNine by sequel I mean basically Paladins but built from the ground up using a new team, not a actual sequel with new characters and such

  • Have an actual sequel and risk losing all currently active players? I don't think so, especially as this game only recently came out of beta. But with new hardware and software, they might make this already wonderful game even bigger and better.

  • @Conrad_Max it's been out of beta for a year now iirc and nothing much has changed or been added since the beta that lasted for what seems like an eternity,. If anything the playerbase will only boom with a more stable re-release of this game since 90% of the attention it gets now are regarding bugs and glitches which is not good for the game's reputation

  • @OriginalEquinox I guess this doesn't names "sequel", it's a rework, but even though it is quite early for a rework; maybe a graphics remaster, but it is very early too. For the momment, the priority must be balancement and optimization.

  • Game was brought out of beta early and thrown to console players to increase its playerbase, therefore they released the game in a half baked state where character balance and game performance feel jank. Instead of seriously working on it, they added new characters to the rotation that where more console controller friendly in order to work with console compatibility.

    The fact they are working on User Interface Improvents now of all times is too much of a long time comming. The general UI needed updating before release. There has not been much work on ingame UI, just character portrait art when it was kind of fine as close up renders, an intenet connection icon, healing indicators and a visual cauterise indicator on ally hp. Which are not bad, but I have wanted a UI more visually pleasing to the power fantasy theme.

  • I think instead of a sequel, you mean a total update of the current game. They won't do it cause it cost money

  • @Gao-Shun I said sequel for the lack of a better word, but it would be a reboot I guess since they would have to make it from the ground up, that's the only way to save the game from it's declining state

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