My ideas for a Skye rework.

  • As someone who has played Skye a lot I think she needs a rework. She has almost no mobility and no escape. Vivian's drones can completely destroy Skye's entire play style before the game even starts. Overall, with how cheap Illuminate is now, I think she needs to be reworked to rely less on stealth.

    Perhaps "Hidden" could be replaced with a new skill called "Sprint". The "Sprint" skill would temporarily give her increased movement speed for a certain time. The "Sprint" skill could also give her vertical mobility by letting her climb walls. However, during this "Sprint" skill Skye would no longer be stealthed.

    Another idea on how "Hidden" could be replaced is to give Skye a "Dash" ability. The "Dash" ability would make Skye move forward a far distance and would make Skye untargetable while she's dashing.

    Maybe the "Smoke Screen" ability could be replaced with an ability called "Illusion". The illusion ability would allow Skye to create an illusion that she can teleport back to. So she could create an illusion and then to get out of a fight, she could teleport back to that illusion; giving her an escape.

    A second idea I have on how "Smoke Screen" can be replaced is to perhaps give her a "Backflip" skill. The "Backflip" skill would move Skye back a far distance and allow her to escape from fights. Once the "Backflip" skill is enabled Skye would be invisible for a small amount of time.

    A third idea on how "Smoke Screen" could be replaced is perhaps with a "Slip Away" skill. The "Slip Away" skill would be similar to Zhin's "Billow" before the nerf. Skye would go invisible and be untargetable for a short amount of time. This would allow her to get away from a fight.

    However, if Skye is given more mobility and an escape, her damage should be lowered.

  • Half of the things you suggested has Koga.
    Why turn skye in hybryd from bunch of champions?

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    so basically skye would be an hybrid between koga, ying and shalin, yeah but no thanks
    better create a more original concept than this

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    @TangAce said in My ideas for a Skye rework.:

    better create a more original concept than this

    Try not to be so rude, please.

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