Fair enough comrade...
I see where I misinterperated this... I'll literally skimmed passed a few words and read it the wrong way.
I have had a busy day...

My initial "half hearted" comment was a push for the game to give secure advice to users to use keyboard and mouse for better gameplay experience. I was mainly thinking in regards of using the chat system and chat functions reletive to the thread. I see how it can be read differently.

Personally I have not used KB&M on Console Paladins for a long time, my brother did for sometime on PS4 until it stopped working in game, so I am unsure of its current performance in regards to chat in game.

There is a person here asking for options to type mid combat on console... there is no in game information in game to tell people these things are possible, the ability to communicate is some core paladins gameplay, and due to consoles not coming with a keyboard, you don't see the same ammount of communication unless you have a wizard on the mic or vgs memorised willing to do the team thing. Otherwise it is just party chat and local comms like Discord.

It is just a pity that the current relationship between KB&M on console is jank and has issues we all know.

You are right in saying it falls under having a better options system, at least better utilitys to customise our capabilities, Options seems to get low priority for updates compared to seige maps and half baked game modes, even though it is what is hindering serious players from playing comfortably.